Here's a first: Woman says neighbor slapped a Denver boot on her car in parking-space dispute

WBZ reports a resident of Fort Hill in Roxbury became angry that his neighbor parked in "his" spot Friday - several days after the snowstorm - and so slapped a Denver boot on her car. He removed it only after she called 911 and police showed up. No word on where he got the device, which was red and yellow, unlike the yellow ones the city uses for unpaid parking tickets.



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Ah, the big round yellow boot

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Ah, the big round yellow boot. I don't know about u guys, but I remember I got The Boot back in the 80s when I was a young'un dancin' til dawn. Good times. Happy times. Young people danced back then. *sigh*



That's some next level entitled car driver assholery!

Hope she sues him for damages and the harassment! I hope he is never allowed a parking sticker ever again.


Car space

Sounds like you have never had to dig out your own parking space just to have some lazy slob steal it.


When you live in densely populated places

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it's kind of like living with roomates or housemates: certain protocols apply. In this case, it's a sign of recpect to not use a space someone else's space. It's a very passive aggressive move to take someone elses space; expect the possibility of a non-passive aggressive response.

And for the life of me; I can not remember this being a major issue until fairly recently.


Someone else's space

This wasn't privately owned land with assigned leased spaces.

If someone parked in your private assigned space, this would be understandable. A friend's daughter was shut out of her assigned space on private property by some dimwit who just bought a car. We all laughed when a tree fell on the space with the jerkwad's car in it, before the management could tow it (she was on her last warning).

THAT is what "MY SPACE" means - it has a number on it that matches your sticker and is assigned by a land owner.

Street spots are not "your space". They are free and open for all sticker holders.

Time for the city to mark spaces, number spaces, and rent spaces for $100 a month. Then you can complain.


wah wah wah <jerking off motion>

Tell us more about "your own" space, Jon. Was there a car in the middle of it? I bet there was a car. In fact, I bet the car was your car. Isn't that a remarkable coincidence? In fact, Jon, I'm willing to bet that you didn't give a crap about the space at all, that in fact you only cared about getting your car out of the space. Am I close to the truth here?


Lazy asses

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don’t shovel the stairs to their condos why would you think they’d spend an hour shoveling out their cars?

In neighborhoods where

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In neighborhoods where parking is abundant and people park in the same spot day after day, all year long, some level of entitlement is understandable. Don't know if that's true of this neighborhood.

Booting is uncivil, but to give the booter some credit, it's reversible and better than anonymous vandalism.


You missed something here

It isn't an owned spot but a public street spot.

The booter also damaged her car.

Understandable entitlement? No. You have understandable entitlement to a spot you own or rent. No level of entitlement to publicly owned space is ever acceptable - particularly when there was not a snow emergency declared and it was four days out anyway.


Yeah, social norms...

... in some crowds, it's the social norm to fatally shoot someone who minorly disrespects you.... That some particular behavior is a social norm among a relatively small group doesn't make it morally or legally acceptable.


Ignoring the point that there

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Ignoring the point that there is a difference between written law, and social norms.

And even if your position is strict obedience to the law, then where exactly in Boston ordinances can the city deny someone a residential parking permit because of this behavior? You can't call for law and order on one hand, and vigilante penalties on the other.

Oh, I see

The next time you get robbed by someone, will that be "social norms" != "the law" too?


it's nuanced for sure

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It's sort of an unwritten courtesy on my block that you give your neighbors "their" spot; the same one they park in every day, especially when everyone knows everyone's cars. Not every neighborhood is like this, and I'm surely not going to worry about my usual spot being taken because I'm an adult.

But my god, this total binary and preachy "it's public property" truism crusade gets old so fast. No shit you don't own the road, but in the time people like Swirly pat themselves on the back for playing Jimmy Justice and reciting town bylaws, they coulda been out meeting their neighbors. Often times, the latter is more effective and pleasant than being right in an internet argument.


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Is coming home to your own shoveled out empty parking spot.
Looking forward to the melt-down.
A foreign boot is wicked extreme cray cray!
Can’t imagine all the turf battles.

Seems like a lot of work and

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Seems like a lot of work and who has a boot lying around the house? What happened to just slashing the tires?

I got...

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old fashioned vandalized Friday night with eggs smashed on my rental car (old car donated last week) for daring to park too close to a space saving chair.

Savages cost me a car wash and security camera set-up.

Yes, defend your shoveled

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Yes, defend your shoveled piece of public land by preventing anyone from leaving it. That'll show 'em.


I'm betting the legal fees

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for the idiot who booted someone else's car are going to run him a lot more than 60 bucks. I hope they come down on him with the full weight of whatever laws (deprivation of personal property? criminal mischief? destruction of property?) apply. She can also sue him personally, which I would enjoy immensely.


Without fail, it's always the

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Without fail, it's always the entitled townies who do this crap but then blame the yuppies for every ill around them.