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No chance for some Netflix and chill when the Red Line's at a standstill

People waiting for the Red Line

It's pretty bad when people are camped out on the steps at Downtown Crossing.

A ride on the Red Line became a nightmare after a train developed one of those "mechanical problems" on the inbound tracks after pulling out of Kendall around 7:15 p.m.

Jed Hresko saw the horde recreating a Beckett play on the southbound side of Downtown Crossing, then walked away.

At the time the train suffered its embarrassing problem, the plan was for the driver to back 'er up into Kendall and unload all the people on it, then wait for the driver of another train to try to push the train out of the way or at least further up the tracks. But delays initially reported as 15 minutes turned into 20 and then 25 and then so long that people just started camping out on the steps at DTX.

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Signal problems between Newton Highlands and Waban are now causing 15-minute delays on the Riverside Line, the T reports.

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recommend sitting on the stairs, or really touching anything, at DTX.

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A few years back Charlie Baker and his boys brought in high priced elitist consultants to replace the unions consisting of men and women who grew up riding the T and were trying to get it back on track. The consultants have made millions and drive Tesla's while subway and bus service is not worthy of the third world. The elitists in this state should carefully monitor what is happening in England and France because people are reaching their tipping point with the vote for me I am better than you crowd.

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That lesser-known Beckett sequel, Waiting for Métro.

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I can’t get on... I’ll get on.

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How many more mr baker. How many more trains must be delayed. Magoo.

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We should have a law that all politicians who work (using "work" loosely here) in the Boston metro area are not allowed to drive, or be a passenger in, a car of any kind for any reason. Except maybe if it's an ambulance.

If they were required to take the T like us serfs... aw, who am I kidding. I can't even find my pitchfork.

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