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At Jamaica Pond, a fight has a raucous audience

A heron in Jamaica Pond

This afternoon, this heron was quietly minding its own business on the Parkman Drive side of Jamaica Pond, slowly wading along the shore looking for a bite to eat, with that Groucho Marx gait herons have, when another heron landed on the water about 15 feet away.

The second heron wanted that entire side of the pond to itself, so it threw itself right at the first bird:

Angry heron

The first heron decided discretion was the better part of valor and it turned around and hurried back the way it came. But that was not enough for Bird 2, which began flying towards it again. Bird 1 flew low to the shore, past a flock of geese, who seemed to startled to react. But they were ready when Bird 2 flew by - they began honking as if their lives depended on it.

Bird 1 finally gave up and took off towards the other side of the pond, but landed at the island instead.



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... heron epidemic is getting out of control.

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Make Jamaica Pond great again.

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