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Jesus is coming, and he might need to chop down a cherry tree

Jesus woman with an axe

Craig Caplan was puzzled by this Jesus lady with an axe at Park Street this afternoon, although not enough to actually ask her about it.

Speaking of the end times:

On an inbound Orange Line train pulling into Mass. Ave. late this morning, there was a gaggle of what looked like urban-sociology grad students on a field trip all just standing there, tightly clustered together, when an older guy sitting among them began to yell about "that dickhead in the White House" and Iran and nuclear annihilation, and how he would die out in the open with the rest of us.

But then he added: "Not today, I'm going to the movies, to see the Avengers, thank you!" And that was all he said.



As usual, the jesus freaks were out in full force downtown today. Did you think you could enjoy your lunch at the tables near the Old Navy entrance without a nut yelling about the bible at you? Unfortunately you thought wrong.


We can hear the one that camps out by the Famine Memorial up in my office. Full Amplification of Crazy! We usually don't call it in because the occupational exposure people two floors down have decibel meters and that's a more effective call.


The lettering on her sign is very Dunkin Donuts. Looks like the handle was originally a mop or something.
Very ingenious re-purposing.


Handing tickets out for God...

How can you not stop and appreciate using a squeegee mop as a sign holder, and the Dunkin' font/colors for said sign?


Plus cutting off the corners of the sign, a la Battlestar Galactica! All while packing an axe! That's my kind of religion!

Craig Caplan was smart in not talking to her. She's obviously unhinged, as are so many people who "follow the word"...

The actual axe head looks to be plastic?

Last night, her sister yelled "Jesus is coming" but with a whole different context ...

How will Jesus arrive?

Yugo... he came back years ago but seeing how we've overdone Christmas and Easter (which he finds both morbid and embarrassing), he decided not to make a big deal about it.

He arrives of his own accord.


Can't help but wonder what level of ridicule we'd see in this thread if some other religion's kook was in the photo.


As long as they keep to themselves and don't make spectacles out of themselves in public, we can only wildly speculate


Other religions don't attract this kind of kookiness to quite the same extent, because they lack the flair for the dramatic that is one of the main attractions of Christianity, and makes it the world's most popular religion. A virgin birth, a crucified savior, Hell and damnation, the end of the world, there's nothing else like it.

I could go marginal and talk about the Hari Krishnas, but let's leave it with the Black Hebrews.

Crazy is crazy and evangelical is evangelical, and when you cross the two, you get things like this. Any evangelical religion (and there are more than Christianity) would do the same thing.

the Black Hebrews are a Jewish sect, do you? I mean, they think they are, but that’s a fantasy. Their origins are entirely Christian.

Your comment conjured a mental image of a pouting baby who didn't get fish sticks for dinner.

to this clown down in Texas:


You people were obviously not around in the 1980's when there were gypsies who hung around Downtown Crossing. They would approach unsuspecting tourists and shoppers and offer them a carnation. If you took it, you were asked for a dollar and then told your "fortune" for a few dollars more. They eventually left.