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Just a little Green Line smoke, hardly enough to make you choke

Passengers told to leave Green Line train at Newton Centre

At 8:59 a.m, Phil R. reported from Newton Centre:

There is literally smoke coming out of inbound MBTA Green Line D train 3878A at Newton Centre station. Not kidding.



Does that mean they've chosen a new General Manager for the MBTA?


Literally smoke? So the train has a component that's literally overheating, and it will literally need some repairs?


Why would a man publicly use the word “literally” in this way? It makes him sound like a 10th grade girl texting her boyfriend. The “Not kidding” seems superfluous as well. Yes we know your description of smoke is not a metaphor and this is not a joke, pretty obvious.

Imagine a Fortune 500 CEO, a military commander, or any other great orator or confident person making such a statement. No, I can’t either.


"The use of literally in a fashion that is hyperbolic or metaphoric is not new—evidence of this use dates back to 1769. Its inclusion in a dictionary isn't new either; the entry for literally in our 1909 unabridged dictionary states that the word is “often used hyperbolically; as, he literally flew.” We (and all the other “craven dictionary editors”) have included this definition for a very simple reason: a lot of people use it this way, and our entries are based on evidence of use. Furthermore, the fact that so many people are writing angry letters serves as a sort of secondhand evidence, as they would hardly be complaining about this usage if it had not become common."



If you want to speak/post like that, fill your boots.

Another response that you should consider using/posting often would be “Really? Really????”

This is why I stay off Twitter. Tweets tend to use that tone.

Geez now the Breda cars are taking dumps. At this rate, every single car on every line will need to be replaced.

I know our system is old but sheesh.. if I didnt know any better, it seems like maintenance has been severely neglected in recent years. Yes i know, the entire system is neglected as a whole.. but it seems like since baker started union busted, the maintenance has gone way down on the trains.


Breda Type 8s have always broken down more frequently than the older Type 7s, even when the Type 7s were in their most rust-buckiest pre-overhaul condtion. The Type 8s have been unreliable junk from day one.

I get that but just seems like all lines have far more issues than recent memory.

Yes the equipment is old but it just seems like the shops just don't care to fix any more.

I think to keep headcount low, the shops don't have as many people working in them as they used to

Equipment that's in use 365 days a year @ 18 hours a day takes a beating. The lifespan of a bus is 10 years, and trains are supposed to be a maximum of 30 years IF given a major mid-life overhaul. The Type 8's are 23+ years old now and the Type 7's just got a rebuild at 25-39 years into their service. The Red and Orange line rolling stock are even older.

You simply can't keep fixing worn out equipment unless there's a total rebuild, in which case it's often cheaper and better to buy a more modern piece of equipment. Replacing an old part here one day, might miss the 30 worn out parts that are going to fail the next day. The fleets are so old now that there's simply no way the in-house maintenance shops can keep up with bandaids.

This is why the MBTA going forward needs to have replacement reserve scheduling like they do for busses. Everything has a finite service life and the legislature (in between scapegoating every governor since and sometimes including Dukakis) can't expect to keep shoving a quarter in to continue past it like its some 1980s arcade game.

Just going by UHub reports the new (not-so-new) Blue Line cars seem to be holding up reasonably well.

Yeah, the Green Line car failure rate is about as bad as Commuter Rail.

+1 to Adam for Joni Mitchell reference.