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Ladies in waiting in old Boston

Ladies waiting for something, but what?

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.



Probably calling their husbands to pick them up from the police station after getting arrested while demonstrating for women's suffrage.
"Calm down little lady, why do you let the men deal with this?"

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The setup as a whole indicates a job placement service. On the other hand, the women on the bench seem to be rather glammed up, so maybe a talent agency?

Those desk phones are spectacular.

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But what I do is their are some families that'll be very hungry if they don't lickity split from there soon

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the Red Sox clubhouse the year that Bobby Valentine was manager.

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That was a good 1 lol

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Look at all those shapely ankles, exposed for all to see. Why, I am driven to distraction! My monocle is befogged.

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The OLD NE Telephone and Telegraph Building before the PO Square building.

Just a guess - but it looks like they are interviewing potential phone operators.

From the clothes I'd guess about 1930 (which may be the year this building was constructed).

As a second possibility - the Katie Gibbs school in Boston as part of training or interviews/publicity shot. If the same school they ultimately closed - it's on the south side of Newbury between Clarendon and Dartmouth

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they would've been wearing gloves which continued into the early 80's as I recall

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good call on the gloves so not likely KG.

Looked up the address - 126 Newbury Street.

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I want to know what is up with the hats?
Are they from the pro shop at Bushwood Country Club? Did they get free soup with them?

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Thanks for playing, folks! These women are registering for Boston's Continuation School, a school for minors who had left school early to work. The photo was in the 1925 School Dept report, and was probably taken in 1924. We posted these excerpts from the 1925 report on the school here: https://twitter.com/ArchivesBoston/status/1164269702648082435

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Now the Double Tree according to the Wikipedia site. Became Don Bosco Technical after being purchased by the Salesians in 1954 which then closed in 1998.

Don Bosco Technical Boston

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