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Large dog in tiny car

Big dog in small car

Mike McD was in Coppa on Shawmut Avenue in the South End today when he looked out the window.

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For Bunker Hill students, this is the life.

See what not being a snarly thugdog will get you? A swank convertable in a nice part of town!

would be a good name for a band.

Who has a Twitter account, natch:

And hilarious.


Always good to see a dog loved and not left at home alone all the time.

and her person, and believe me, that dog has more fun and adventure than you and I can hope for in our entire lifetimes combined. And she's a really friendly delightful pup, too.

these ride-share companies will let anyone drive for them these days.


What a cutie! Have fun Morgan the Mastiff!

Legally parked, not double-parked, AND not blocking a bike lane.

plus gosh-darnit cuter than most of the human motorists or bicyclists, to boot!