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Providence man charged as Somerville bank robber who tried to shoot a cop; DNA evidence from the backpack he allegedly dropped tied him to case

Bank robber

A Providence man only got away with $929 during a gunfire-filled Somerville bank robbery on May 1 - and then he lost more than half of that on the sidewalk outside when a bystander tackled him, forcing him to drop his backpack - which also contained the gun he allegedly used and DNA that led police to him.

The US Attorney's office in Boston reports the arrest of Daniel Rosado, 32, of Providence for a May 1 robbery of the College Avenue branch of the Middlesex Federal Savings Bank.

Rosado is scheduled for arraignment in Boston federal court today on charges of armed bank robbery, brandishing and discharging a firearm during a crime of violence being a felon in possession of a firearm, the US Attorney's office says.

In an affidavit filed in court today, a Somerville Police detective described the robbery and how a backpack Rosado allegedly used helped lead investigators to him.

Shortly before 10 a.m., the affidavit states, Rosado entered the bank branch at 1 College Ave.:

While inside the bank, the robber brandished a handgun and fired the gun into the ceiling. The robber also pointed the firearm at customers and bank employees. Witnesses within and around the Middlesex Bank reported hearing the robber yell to bank employees: "Get Down!", "Everybody on the ground!", "Second Drawer, Hurry Up!", and "Give me money or I'll shoot!" In response to the robber's demands, customers and bank employees laid on the floor. When the robber approached a teller window, he threw a black backpack at the teller, and made a verbal demand for money.

As the teller filled up the backpack with money, a customer exited out the Highland Avenue exit of the bank and flagged down a marked police cruiser occupied by a fully uniformed officer with the Somerville Police Department ("SPD officer"). The witness told the SPD officer that he heard a commotion coming from inside the bank. The SPD officer then entered the bank from the Highland Avenue entrance, pointed his department-issued firearm at the robber, and ordered the robber to freeze. In response to the SPD officer's commands, the robber turned and faced the SPD officer, pointed a firearm in the SPD officer's direction, and fired one shot. The SPD officer returned fire. During the exchange of gunfire, the robber exited the College Avenue exit of the bank and fled on foot northbound onto College Avenue. The SPD officer ran after him.

Outside of the bank on College Avenue, a bystander (whose identity is known to law enforcement) saw the SPD officer chase the robber. The bystander attempted to tackle the robber, causing the robber to drop the black backpack in the area of 19 College Avenue. The robber continued to run northbound on College Avenue. Witnesses lost sight of the robber after he turned right onto Winslow Avenue.

The robber's backpack contained, amongst other things, a firearm and United States currency. The firearm was a Webley revolver, loaded with four unfired rounds of ammunition and two cartridge casings.

The backpack proved critical in linking Rosado to the robbery because he'd been arrested and convicted before in Massachusetts and so had to supply a DNA sample that was codified in a national DNA database, the affidavit continues:

Samples were taken of the straps, buckles and zippers of the black backpack that the robber dropped on College Avenue. These forensic samples were submitted for analysis. On May 18, 2019, the Crime Laboratory informed the FBI that the samples from the backpack were linked to a DNA profile from the Combined DNA Index System (“CODIS”). The DNA profile was that of Daniel Santos ROSADO (xx-xx-1986).

A check of the state criminal registry showed Rosado had been:

Convicted of Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle out of New Bedford District Court and received a sentence of two years committed. Further, he was convicted of Larceny from a Person and Witness Intimidation in 2012 out of New Bedford District Court. Additionally, he was convicted of Assault by means of a Dangerous Weapon in 2012 out of New Bedford District Court and received a sentence of two years committed.

On May 20, the affidavit says, a bank employee who'd witnessed the robbery identified a photo of Rosado out of an array of eight photos.

Innocent, etc.
Innocent, etc.

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is a local web developer named Dave Powers, who body-checked the robber and caused him to drop his backpack that contained the gun and the money. That turned out to be the key evidence needed to arrest this guy. Boston magazine article

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To reflect the importance of the backpack (more specifically, DNA found on it).

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Wasn't there a $10,000 reward for info on the robber? I say give it to the guy who tackled the robber.

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and I agree that this guy deserves it.

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And maybe the cop?

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