Roxbury gets a Boy Scout troop

WGBH profiles Troop 906, formed last fall as the only active minority-majority Boy Scout troop in eastern Massachusetts.


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A paramilitary homophobic

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A paramilitary homophobic 'faith' & western values promoting organization with a long history of promoting toxic masculinity and cisgender stereotypes expands its reach into communities of color and you think this is a good thing?


My Knot Tying Acumen

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wouldn't be what it is today without the Boy Scouts. (Webeloes get a little credit for that, too.)

toxic masculinity

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Yeah... all the boy scouts were known as the tough guys and cool kids where I'm from.



I mean, yeah, pretty much.

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I mean, yeah, pretty much. Scouts BSA is finally changing their tune and evolving to practice what they preach. They went coed, gay scouts are welcomed, and they are catching up with their counterparts in other countries. They have a blemished history, and they need to get caught up to welcome gay scout leaders, but the fact is that they are quickly changing for the better. I attribute that to the kids and adults who are pushing those changes from the inside at a local level. Meanwhile, they continue to offer an excellent curriculum of leadership development and outdoor skills for kids, and if that can be brought to more minority communities, I have no problem with it.

You should probably have a little background before commenting

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"The Boy Scouts of America (BSA), one of the largest private youth organizations in the United States, has policies which prohibit those who are not willing to subscribe to the BSA's Declaration of Religious Principle, which is usually interpreted as banning atheists, and, until January 2014, prohibited all "known or avowed homosexuals",[1] from membership in its Scouting program. The ban on adults who are "open or avowed homosexuals"[2] from leadership positions was lifted in July 2015.[3] Prior to these policy changes, BSA had denied or revoked membership status or leadership positions for violation of these foundational principles. The BSA had contended that its policies were essential in its mission to instill in young people the values of the Scout Promise, or Oath, and Scout Law.[1][4]"

So, yes, actively homophobic until 4-5 years ago, and spent a ton of money fighting their right to be homophobic in court. I would say that's a pretty damn homophobic organization.

queen eeka

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did i make a comment or ask a question? thanks for the cut and paste.

Did you even read the article?

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It is a troop that includes girls and the kids interviewed seem to enjoy what they are learning. It gives them something to do and they can be social and make friends. It seems like this group is doing something positive and trying to diversify. I can't imagine this group would discriminate against a trans child that might want to join. The article talks about how the organization is trying to change.

things are changing

Here at least (liberal bubble and all). I have a kid in Cub Scouts now, and I can say it's substantially different wrt those issues than when I was a Scout, for the better.

no idea

We're just in his first year of Cubs so I don't know. I don't even really remember that from my time though, I'm sure it varies a lot from troop to troop.


When I was in Cub Scouts in the 1950s we didn't do "marching" -- what ARE you talking about?


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I know many, many gay men who are scout leaders.


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My 2nd generation Irish Catholic nephew at is at WestPoint; his grandfather spoke Gaelic, entrance into the superstructure for family was nephew an Eagle Scout. Nephew gets 4 year free tuition and serves for 5 years Rigid political ideology not helpful nor should any adult block any child of colors entrance into groups that could be a benefit to them. You would have them join a crew and put money in Bob Barkers bank account instead?

Minority-majority scouts

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I recently attended a Cub Scout pack's Arrow of Light ceremony. The honorees were three white kids, three Indian kids, one Chinese kid.

Back in the 1970's

I did Weebloos and Boy Scouts at 12th Baptist Church in Roxbury. I wonder what happened to them? We were the Panthers.