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Shots fired in Cambridge

Cambridge Police report at least three shots were fired in the area of Hampshire and Windsor streets tonight.

A person who reported the gunfire "noted that a man fled the area in an unknown vehicle towards Boston," police say, adding officers recovered three shell casings.

Police report no injuries reported following the gunfire and that Windsor Street was shut for an investigation.

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So how many instances of gunfire does that make for Windsor Street in recent years? At least there do not appear to fatalities this time.

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connecting MIT to Cambridge Street (and slightly beyond, into a Somerville industrial area). I don't know why these incidents keep happening there as opposed to any other street.

(In 35 years of living in Somerville and cycling on this street, often at night, I have never felt there was any reason to avoid it. It's the best way to get from West Somerville to MIT, parts of Back Bay, and the Fenway.)

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These incidents typically occur between the two sizable public housing complexes on/around Windsor, which are about a quarter mile apart.

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Made a huge assumption by labeling the perpetrator as a man. How do they know how the suspect self identifies? Hasn't Cambridge taught he, she, they them anything?

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