Somebody keeps scrawling graffiti on the rear side of the State House

Graffiti calling for class warfare

An example of the graffiti. Via 311.

State Police report somebody tagged up the State House - and a private house at Mt. Vernon and Hancock streets - Saturday night.

Most of the tags consisted of words and random letters, except for the guard house, which had splashes of paint on it. ...

The investigation suggests that last night’s tagging was likely committed by the same suspect who tagged the State House, other buildings, and a car in the same area earlier this winter.

Boston's 311 system got several complaints about the tagging today, including from somebody who complained in particular about the scrawl on a building on Chestnut Street, a couple of blocks from the State House:

There is also graffiti on the State House, a house at the corner of Mt. Vernon and Hancock, the Fiedler Footbridge and a house on River Street.



Free tagging: 



Beacon hill is the Lexington

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Beacon hill is the Lexington of Boston neighborhoods oh geez graffiti, lets put it on the news. Let’s put every police investigator and waste tax paying dollars to find out who’s doing this. Meanwhile, more importantly 4 blocks away there are several homeless people sleeping on sidewalks in the dead of winter .

I'm against graffitti but at

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I'm against graffitti but at least he picked a perfect location for class warfare to be declared. But most of the residents of Beacom Hill just step over the bodies of the homeless anyway so it's a waste of time. Money wins.

Back Before The Great Police Merger

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When the state police absorbed all the little, special police departments such as the Capitol Police, they had their HQ right in said building. I wonder if there was less vandalism around the building then?

state house tagger

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do they know john kerry lives like a block away? its the house on the corner without the fire hydrant.

he's a ketchup gazillionaire.

If he gets caught, he’ll go

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If he gets caught, he’ll go to court and some liberal judge will give the 35 year old vandal a continued without finding aka No Punishment.