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Storefront church on Adams Street in Dorchester to become nail salon

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved a plan by Lisa Fonseca-Depina to convert the current Eglise Baptiste les Sentinelles, 417 Adams St., into a six-seat nail salon called Glam Gawds.

Depina-Fonseca told the board she would install a ventilation system to deal with any fumes in the 700-square-foot space.

The mayor's office blessed the proposal, with a neighborhood liaison telling the board her proposal would help resurrect "a pretty derelict area" on Adams Street. City Councilor Frank Baker also supported the proposal.

Nobody spoke against.

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Salons, liquor stores, check cashers, bodegas and worshiping halls.

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Lots of churches are converted from church to condo. It seems more fun to read about a storefront to church to storefront conversion. Or transfiguration.

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