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Two East Boston men find easy way to get from their neighborhood to Charlestown

Paddling across Boston Harbor

Photo by Rob Pyles.

Steve Holt, who lives in East Boston but works in Charlestown, reports that he and Rob Pyles commuted over to Charlestown this morning via inflatable paddleboards.

Holt reports they spent about 45 minutes on the water but that part of that time was spent admiring Old Ironsides at the Navy Yard.

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"Steve Holt!"



Bring back the “Penny Ferry” from East Boston which stopped service in 1952.


Just came here to say the same thing!

quite a set up for whale watching


for paddle board lanes in the river.


Friggin entitled paddleboarders always wanting more more more.

Were they wearing helmets?


The water route from East Boston to Charlestown is through the Boston inner harbor (where I've claimed the Mystic and the mighty Charles meet to form the Atlantic Ocean).



I guess I need to kayak down the Mystic and into the harbor to Long Wharf to top that.

From Charlestown to Encore casino with us just swiping a red card?


This is awesome! There was a guy in NYC who commuted by bike and rowboat

I remember seeing another story about a lady, possibly in Chicago, who commuted by kayak.
Really, why not? Packrafters do it all the time with bikes. The setup/breakdown would be the tough parts.

I saw these guys early this morning after swimming at the mirabella pool (which borders the harbor). Thought it looked so fun and they indeed spent some time admiring old ironsides.

...don't you know you're supposed to go by motorized pumpkin? noobs.


It's cool that he's commuting that way, but I bet somewhere in that backpack he's got a cell phone. And when he falls in....get out the blow dryer and the bag of rice.

There are some pretty cheap solutions for this, starting with a quart ziploc freezer bag to specialized little dry bags for your phone with a lanyard to go around your neck.

Paddlefolk got this.


I wonder if the backpack for the board also acts as a life preserver/flotation device?

I'm pretty sure the paddleboard acts as a floatation device...

So does any boat. But a wearable flotation device is still important if the boat sinks, or you get separated from it, or you get knocked unconscious.

There are very small flotation devices. The number of straps indicates that he is wearing one. They inflate when needed, stay small when not. Some are even like a small fanny pack.

Google "inflatable pfd" for more info on this innovative design.

Why?? There is a FREE water taxi between Pier 6 in Charlestown and Reel House in East Boston.

I find myself wondering if someone in upper echelons will get the idea - Inflatable ferry boats! We'll relieve crowding on the Blue and Orange lines! Procurement will be faster than new trains! We'll have environmentally-sensitive, non-exploitative sourcing AND appease US labor at the same time - hand-stitched in Tibet, inflated in Springfield!!!

Better than a stair car....no hop-ons...

Getting Your Eastie On. (Same guy FWIW)