West Roxbury eyesore that seemed like it would never be torn down is being torn down

Councilor Matt O'Malley reports that actual demolition began today at 425 Lagrange St., the moldering one-time asthma-inhaler factory that has sat rotting through fire and flood to annoy West Roxbury residents.

Both the BPDA and the zoning board approved replacing the wreck with a 40-condo building way back in 2016.



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I thought so

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Kids had broken into the place and were using it as a place to screw around and they set the place on fire (fortunately, after all the potentially toxic chemicals had been removed).


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That was McDonald’s. I think the owner tried to blame a homeless man, however there’s only one in Wesie and he sleeps at Highland.


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If it's approved in 2016, why does it take until 2019 to actually get the ball rolling?

I think it was mired in

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I think it was mired in lawsuits from NIMBY residents. They didn’t seem to realize the owner had zero incentive to tear it down while they were suing him to stop his project. He left it up out of spite I’m sure.

Because West Roxbury

General West Roxbury inertia coupled with the dumbass system where quasi-representative meetings of area residents (meetings which always way over-represent older, white home owners) get to weigh in on if the project is a good fit for a neighborhood.



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over-represent older, white home owners

is a description of West Roxbury overall.

Um, no

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Look, Just a Kid from Dorchester, I live a neighborhood away from West Roxbury, and the description was apt. Just as it would not be wrong to describe Mattapan as a mostly black (or African American or whatever nom de jour) neighborhood, it is not wrong to describe West Roxbury as an older, mostly white neighborhood. It's a fact.

The only racism would be if we pondered why West Roxbury is mostly white, but I'm not going there.

Census Data

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Census data are freely available. They contain demographic data. You can look this up.