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Another Boylston Street bar shuts down

Lir announced today it's shutting down - less than a day after the neighboring Pour House announced its closure:

We are sad to announce that after seventeen years of business we will be closing our doors for good. Since the day we opened we felt a strong connection to the Boston community, and we would like to say thank you to our loyal patrons who stood by us along the way.

McGreevey's shut last month; Whiskey's closed in July.

Gov. Baker ordered bars shut in March due to Covid-19. They are not scheduled to re-open until after the widespread release of an effective treatment or vaccine.



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Will have enough space to turn the whole streetfront into the future of the working class economy, namely an Amazon fulfillment center.

This year sucks.

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You are spot on 100% correct. Not a damn thing funny in this land of milk and honey.

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One business after another closing this is so sad. We really need to reflect these are not just businesses they are family and livelihoods so so sad Charlie helpppppp

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We party in the streets in Dorchester.

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I’m not going to VI Lenin this thing but come spring of 2021 we may be looking at upwards of 50% of licensed venues closed and I’m being very conservative here. The next couple of weeks may be the worst we’ve seen in a very long time.

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In two years, we're gonna party like it's 2022.

Fuck this 2020 shit.

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...Boston's centuries-old institutions closed down because the real estate was worth more than the business, doesn't it?

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crisis, but that place stank, literally -- less so figuratively, but still. Feckin' smelliest bar in the Back Bay, maybe all of central Boston. Lots of nice screens could not distract from that rank frat-basement stench.

Still, it served an audience, and the circumstances that led to its closing were totally unnecessary. All that was required was competent national leadership, and ours face-planted hard.

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