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Area Aussies, chefs team up for benefit for bushfire victims

KO Pies, which sells Australian meat pies in East Boston, is working to organize a Boston barbie for bushfire support on Jan. 28 at Capo Restaurant & Supper Club, 443 West Broadway in South Boston.

Tickets are $150.

In the true sense of our Aussie community spirit, we are banding together with at least 20 of our very generous and talented chef mates here. We are doing what a lot of our Aussie friends at home would do if they could, and bringing everyone together with food and community to help all those suffering the truly crushing effects of these fires.

Along with some amazing food and great company, we will also be hosting a raffle and silent auction to add to the funds that we raise on the night. All proceeds will be passed on to a number of amazing services that have been integral with the fire fighting effort, saving lives and supporting those most in need during this monumental crisis. This hell has only just begun, and it won’t end when the fires go out.

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I'm not even Australian. Can't afford it though.
What an incredible fire that was/is.
Is it out yet?

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Go bigger! Take a street in the Financial District -throw in 50 gas grills and massive tubs of vegemite. Shrimp by the dump truck full. Foster’s in 55 Gallon drums. Hyooooge! Australia big!

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Maybe it's just what Aussies call a get together with food or maybe it's gallows humor, but holding a barbie [barbecue] for fire victims makes me wince.

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For my fellow tweeps, you might be interested in following the @NSWRFS (New South Wales Rural Fire Service) and @RSPCANSW accounts. Both are accepting donations, and your US dollars go much farther in Australia. Both organizations are simultaneously rescuing/evacuating/treating/fire-fighting and caring of people and animals of all types: wildlife, livestock, and pets.

Some American fire fighters have just arrived (most of the men sporting Edelman beards, for some unknown reason), and the bush fires are not contained at all. Rehabbing wildlife under the best of circumstances is intensive, long term, hard work with no expectation of good outcomes, and in this situation, there is nowhere to release the animals. Many homeowners are taking in marsupials (the pouched kiddos) and housing them in bedrooms, garages, hallways and kitchens. What is different about these animals is that at some point, when overstressed, they just give up and despite the best care and treatment, they die prolonged deaths.

Add to that the usual surrendered pets to shelters, pets which were evacuated but separated from owners and kitten season, and you will get a better sense of what the RSPCA is trying to handle.

The land mass which is burning/has burned is greater that all of the New England states minus Maine, and it's still growing.

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