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Back Bay blinks out: Lights fail across the neighborhood in outage that stretches to the South End, Fenway

Darkened Prudential Center

Update: Lights started coming back on around 10:48 p.m.

Back Bay residents started reporting a power outage around 10:10 p.m., from Mass. Ave. all the way to Arlington Street, and down to Columbus Avenue in the South End. Traffic lights are out - and even the Citgo Sign fell dark.

Unlike the Pru, the Hancock appeared to still have power, as Ronan noticed at Beacon Street and Mass. Ave.:

Darkened Back Bay, but with Hancock lit up

Sangwiche noticed people weren't going to let a blackout stop their dinner on Newbury Street:

Darkened dinner

Joe Pesaturo captured a darkened Westin, currently home to 800 or so Northeastern students:

Darkened Westin hotel

Ryan reports the outage affected East Fenway:

Darkened East Fenway
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Lights out in my building across Huntington Ave from Northeastern, and on St Stephen Street.

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Outage lasted maybe 35 minutes.

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Remember than nightmare?

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A couple of days into that mess we had a group from the adjacent offices turn up at our reception area because they heard that our office suite had a shower in it. All lived in Back Bay and their gyms were also shut.

They actually cleaned our shower and brought us flowers.

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I was wondering what that switch was for.

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Most cities have battery backups for their traffic lights. What’s Boston’s excuse?

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Boston is older than most cities, and definitely has an older infrastructure.

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Is this a prelude to declaring us an anarchy district?

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made the stars more visible in the Back Bay. Been living in the city for 30 years, but I still miss the less light-polluted skies of my amateur star-gazing youth further out.

My best recent astronomy-nerd high was a couple years ago, lying flat on my back on a dock on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee far into the wee hours, counting scores of multi-colored streaks of the Perseid meteor shower, hearing the softly explosive pop of three or four that made it into the lower atmosphere.

Had another good stargazer moment this summer, a close conjunction of the moon and Mars during a delirious but covid-respectful outdoor party in rural Rhode Island. Pretty!

Not particularly uncommon sights in the scheme of things, but somehow more profound after six or eight months indoors. Them stars: they always hit me.

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No stars, unfortunately, and the lights of surrounding areas still brightened the sky. And the street lights on Marlborough are gas and stayed on.

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"A company spokesperson told NECN the issue was at Eversource’s substation in the Back Bay, adding that power crews are still on the scene looking into the exact cause."

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South End residents have been dealing with many planned and unplanned outages recently. The communication from Eversource has been horrible. There's going to be a neighborhood meeting planned with our elected officials and Eversource to talk about what's happening and how we can improve the situation.

On my street, the past week has been a nightmare. Our lights started flickering last Saturday. Then there was an unplanned outage on Sunday night for about 4 hours. Monday night there was a transformer explosion underground that killed power for 9 hours. They brought in a generator and worked all week until last night to fix it. During that span, we had at least 3 more outages that we received no notice about. What a mess.

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We used to have these once-a-month power outages in our area that were anywhere from 12-14 hours long, at times, especially when it rained or whatever. It wasn't until we got a petition going around that was signed by everybody in our community/complex, and that our now-ex manager threatened then-Boston Edison with legal action, that the situation was changed.

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