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Bubor Cha Cha is back in business

Bubor Cha Cha

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the Beach Street restaurant, which closed last fall, is open again, although with a bit of a different menu, and readers must understand how hard it is for the UHub staff not to try to turn this whole thing into a Jimmy Durante reference.

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I get that joke.

Glad to see this place back. I liked its 1.0 incarnation, when it featured some Malaysian dishes (which we're sorely short of here), and its 2.0 version was my third-favorite a la carte (non-trolley) dim sum place in Chinatown.

Traditional Hunanese would be fantastic! I don't much love Sumiao in Cambridge (too fancy and Westernized), so I have to go to Wakefield's Sei Bar for my fix. (Don't expect Hunan cuisine at the two other Sei Bar locations: dull pan-Asian at those.)

(Adding: on further review, it looks like Xiang Yu China Bistro in Brookline does some Hunanese as well as Sichuan dishes. Have not been there yet.)

The 1.0 roti was the bomb.

Said 90% of UH readers...