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Citizen complaint of the day: Can nothing stop the ravenous quillbeasts running amok in Franklin Park?

Denuded saplings and possible porcupine lair

Denuded saplings and possible lair of the devilbeasts.

A horrified citizen has spent a couple days cataloging the damage being done to saplings in Franklin Park by what he says are porcupines on the munch - and is disputing the official city response that the damage is actually the work of "invasive rabbits," which, when you think of it, might be worse.

The fearless citizen reports he's even found the possible lair of the hellspawn, as shown above:

Looks like a porcupine den in Scarborough Woods between Pond and Hill. This is below rock where disc golf basket on top off path from Pond to road up hill. Lots of small trees showing signs they dining well on crappy undergrowth.

He dismisses the idea of "invasive rabbits," from Caerbannog or elsewhere, pointing to the damage high up on trees - punkupines can climb, but rabbits don't:

It's porcupines - this is a photo of just a few of the saplings that have had their bark stripped off. See my prior report for the photo of the close up that shows the characteristics tooth marks. It's definitely not invasive rabbits - which was the note when my report from yesterday was closed. Rabbits cant climb to the thin tops of these small saplings.


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They can be trapped and relocated by a licensed person.
How they though bark-eating above a couple feet could be rabbit is beyond me.
Deer eat bark higher up, too, but without much snow cover I think neither rabbits or deer have needed to eat much bark this winter.

But i might leave out some fresh timber to be denuded by the porkies and get some custom finishing for free!

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...signs they dining well on crappy undergrowth.

We must protect this part of the tiny natural world in our city from that other part of the tiny natural world!

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Bonus points for mentioning Caerbannog.

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What we need is the expert opinion of a shrubberist named Roger


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Why can't these animals eat the knotweed

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Send in the fisher cats.

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This is the first I've heard of porcupines in Boston. Has anyone actually seen one?

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It's supposed to go like this:
If you're going to live in the city, you have to get used to the porcupines!

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when you appease "liberation" organizations like the TLF. Yes, at first they seem moderate, just sticking up for themselves and making a few partially justified complaints; but right behind them are the hard-core armed radicals like the PLA.

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They believe in armed resistance and stealth.

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They also believe in flinging sharp things.

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