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Citizen complaint of the day: This is South Boston, not Allston

An agitated South Boston resident files a complaint about the situation on L Street near East 8th Street:

Trash put out from someone moving in or out. This isn't Allston



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Gonna be fun.


As the years have gone by and the neighborhood changed, this type of thing happens more often.
I'm wondering, with the ongoing COVID situation, how much of a turnover there will be come September 1st?
Remote learning, remote working, etc. Will there be a new wave of new tenants or will it be different?
I guess only time will tell.


remote trash. For the advanced, remote recycling.

Ah, the this never happened in Old Southie refrain.


...if you've been paying attention to the news, you know that there's a wave of evictions coming nationwide, so...

Sometimes you have to wonder about complaints like this.

People move out August 1, responsibly take out trash and what is not being moved and leaves it out for trash pick-up. They do the right thing by leaving the apartment clean so the landlord or the new incoming occupant doesn't have to do it,. Maybe it is a condition of getting their deposit back.

However, trash collection day is a few days off and the apartment still has to be ready to move into. What are the other solutions for people in this predicament?

Prior to the set up of the 311 line you have to wonder if such complaints were ever filed with city hall. In fact, given the changing face of Boston, might we have even seen such a complaint at all?

I think the so-called "self-entitlement" is built right in to the complaint itself. They knew people were moving and needed to put trash out, with no option otherwise. Easy to deduce.
That was coupled with a slur for another part of the city they deemed a lesser neighborhood.

So if 311 sends out an inspector, who gets the ticket? The occupant is gone. The landlord gets the blame and the fine. Innocent party gets punished.

The system is flawed.


If you can't fit your trash in the normal trash cans or dumpster available for your home or building, then you need to pay to hire one - much like a home renovator might. You can not just leave trash on the curb in a pile - at any time, even if it is trash day - and even if the trash is an intact piece of furniture. It needs to be in a designated trash container. Any person who does this in any neighborhood - even Allston - on any day - even September 1st - needs to be punished.

If a landlord feels their ticket is the result of a tenant that is part of what the security fee is for.


So, yes, taking the ticket out of a security deposit is a fair move, however, the city says this:

Please note: you can place furniture out with your regular trash.

right here

Anything that is not hazardous, electronic, or building / construction debree can be put out to the curb on trash day. Any other time you risk a ticket for unsecured trash, but after 5pm the night before trash day all is legal.


even if the trash is an intact piece of furniture.

Oh c'mon. We all know that entire couches and more commonly chairs and nightstands all end up at the curb and are either snapped up by others who will use them or by the trash men on collection day.

Dump an uncontained pile of actual trash at the curb? You should be fined. Put out a broken end table and you're just doing what you're supposed to do.


Actually it's a four-stage process:

1. Someone puts out the furniture.
2. Grateful homeless bedbugs move into it, overnight, if they're not already in there.
3. Grateful person claims the furniture for themselves. And then…
4. Surprise!

At least there's no reports yet of aerial bedbug propagation...

The old Mayor’s hotline used to get complaints like this all the time. “Allston Christmas” predates smartphones.

As for what should have been done, the landlord, when inspecting the now vacated property, should have dealt with the garbage, either by properly securing it on site or by hauling it away.


Dumping on the neighborhood doesn’t get brownie points because the tenant left an apartment clean. In fact, they have now introduced to the new tenant the concept that this is acceptable- which it is not.

Aside from a few bits acquired since prior trash day, which they should take with them, unwanted furniture, etc should have been carried out before the prior trash day for collection.

It is not a slur of Allston, but a true assessment of a huge downside of that neighborhood. I lived in a gorgeous apartment there during college, but was horrified at how disgusting the neighborhood and streetscape could be in some places. I don’t want that spreading either. Neither did long term Allston residents.

Someone in Allston threw rocks at a school bus and then ranted on about Yuppies taking over.

Unlike Southie, people of color live there!


I take it you haven't stepped foot in Southie in say 10 years or so?


It wants it's stereotype back.


I'll refer you to the plethora of photos of Carson Beach back in the day filled with all white people and then the plethora of ones today with all white people.

With no masks.

Someone hasn’t been to Carson Beach in the past 20 years.

are two entirely different places and experiences.

Actually, I only have a question for you, Mr Riccio. Why would you even make a such a remark as "there are no people of color" in Southie?

at least the trash gets picked up.

wait, aren’t those Trump’s drag titties?

Of course it's not Allston, beach goers don't pee in your yard in Allston.