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Cleveland Circle deli known for gigantic burgers seeks license to offer beer and wine


Osmani makes his case.

The owner of Eagle's Deli, 1918 Beacon St. in Cleveland Circle, could find out tomorrow if the Boston Licensing Board has any beer-and-wine licenses left to dole out and, if so, whether he can get one.

At a Zoomed hearing today, owner Yousaf Osmani did not say if he would seek to offer growlers with his Eagle's Challenge and Furious Pete burgers - both of which are made with five pounds of hamburger, 20 pieces of bacon and 20 slices of American cheese (the Furious Pete also comes with five pounds of fries, a pickle and a soda).

But that was because Osmani spent most of his time discussing the role the deli plays in the community, as a place where even tourists wind up, along with local professionals, construction workers and retirees, all of whom have been dining at Eagle's for years, and who sometimes even have their wedding anniversaries there. He added that many Boston college students stay in Boston after graduation and begin families - whom they bring for meals at his deli.

Osmani said a growing number of whom asked him to try to get a license so they could relax with a glass of wine over a meal, especially after "a long stressful day of work." He said he has a stack of "so many letters" of support.

And now, with the pandemic, he said, beer and wine sales would help the deli continue, noting he offers summer internships to local students and discounts to veterans. He said he would hire two new managers related to beer and wine sales.

The mayor's office and the office of City Councilor Liz Breadon (Allston/Brighton) supported the proposal. Both noted the long role Eagle's has played in the neighborhood. The Brighton-Allston Improvement Association also supported the proposal, according to the mayor's office.

If the board does not have any beer-and-wine licenses available - the city is under a state-imposed cap on the total number of licenses - Osmani could either wait and hope one turns up or try to acquire one on the open market, which could cost him tens of thousands of dollars, in addition to the board's annual fee. The board will decide on his application at a meeting tomorrow.



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I am curious what the liquor license situation is right now with so many places closing up. They must be flooding the market with licenses and driving those prices down right?

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of people who managed to eat some of their crazy large meals they had.... Might have made it to the wall of fame myself. I'd definitely go back if they did the same for drinks!!!!

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I live nearby and go there maybe once a month pre-pandemic. Every time, the man in the photo says "hello" and when I'm done with the meal he asks if everything was good. He does that with everyone, it seems. I wish him good luck, he seems to know how to treat his customers well.

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