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Fake Gravis poll puts Kennedy over Markey 52% to 45%

As reported on Elections Today:

This afternoon, however, a poll from Gravis Marketing showed a result that did not reconcile with recent polling. The poll, which some national and regional writers picked up on and reported, was faked by two confirmed twitter accounts: @JohnMcCormackMA (Account has been deleted) and @Kilometerbryman (Account has been made private).

Some locals were fooled by the poll's detailed graphics, even though some of the numbers were clearly at odds with other local polls:

Let the speculation on motivations begin!



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I love a good race based on merit, goals, visions, and executable plans (with a dash of old fashioned mud-slinging for good measure)


I'm starting to REALLY dislike this Kennedy kid.

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I've moved from "promising newcomer, needs more seasoning" to "why is he ruining his career out of hubris" to "thank goodness he's self destructing now and not when he could do real damage".

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...but he will have done *real* damage if we get stuck with Auchincloss in his vacated seat.

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Must be those darned internet cyberbullies again! Expect another tantrum.

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Somebody has a great sense of Kennedy political humor.

John McCormack was from Dot and was speaker of the US house when Kennedy was president. There is a "park" about the size of two parking spaces named for him along Columbia Road on the site of a burned our 3 decker that the city could not figure out what to do with after they tax foreclosed on it.

Eddie McCormack was John McCormack's nephew and ran for Senate against Ted, as soon as Ted became old enough to be a senator (You know the "Kennedy" seat). Eddie has the great line in the Dem debate to Ted saying "If your name was Edward Moore, (and not Edward Moore Kennedy) would you be here right now?"

The Globe did a hit piece on John about 20 or so years ago with enough speculation and innuendo in it that it qualified as a Bible Story about McCormack being really only half Irish.

I guess the great grandfather's blind trust dividend check cleared to get that poll out.

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As a FORMER Vol for Markey in 2013 when he ran against Lynch for US Senate.
I mean this year he has used Obama and Ayanna in ads and neither have endorsed him this year.

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I guess 'Johnson Clan' hasn't spent more than 15 minutes with regional TV, radio, or newspapers in the last couple months - because they've all had numerous articles and adverts where AOC is shown endorsing Markey. (whether that's ultimately a help or a hinderance remains to be seen - she's a fairly polarizing person, even within the ranks of people who vote for Democrats).

Here's a very straight-forward video clip of her doing so.

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For what it’s worth, Reps. Ayanna Pressley and Seth Moulton, who each won their seats by challenging incumbents, have both said they will not be endorsing in the primary


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Nobody believes Kennedy is ahead. The final Emerson College poll has Senator Markey up 56-44 over Joe K IV III.

Kennedy really hurt himself by targeting a safe and reliable far-left Democrat incumbent and by failing to disavow Monica Cannon Grant's despicable conduct and racist comments. He had been leading Markey by almost the same margin prior to that. Like the Iran-Iraq War, can't they both lose?

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Also the woman in the background of the JK3 ad who keeps looking at/typing on her phone.

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Nice job Comrade Haddock.

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Seriously? Take a swig of stoli with that, comrade!

Racist? Oh honey ... you forget that racism=privilege+power. You poor put upon picked on degraded white man. Who will help you rise above your abject oppression?

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according to more reliable reports. Questioning the legitimacy of inter-racial marriage should have ended with Loving v. Virginia in 1967.

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The Lowell Herald is reliable? It's fox news in print form.

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Montgomery Burns versus Waylon Smithers.

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This is ridiculous. That Joe Kennedy III really is rather entitled. it's not a funny joke, either.

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It's not his sense of entitlement that bothers me. It's that he hasn't so much as visited Dana, Enfield, or Prescott in his time in public office.

Until he spends some serious time in those towns I guess my vote's going to Markey.

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in Worchester. [sic]

No one would care about those gaffes if Kennedy wasn't campaigning on "Markey is out of touch with Massachusetts." But he is and so they hurt.

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