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Firefighters may not come for cats stuck in trees anymore, but a person stuck in a tree is a different matter

Leading a tree trimmer down a fire ladder

Recalcitrant bucket, more nimble fire ladder, tree worker and firefighter. Photo by BFD.

Firefighters with a ladder truck rescued a tree trimmer today after the hydraulics on his bucket failed and he got stuck near the crown of a mature tree in a yard on Cornell Street in Roslindale.

The tree worker was stuck in his bucket about 40 feet behind 158 Cornell St., between Kittredge and Washington streets, when firefighters on Ladder 25 arrived shortly before 1:30 p.m.. They extended their own ladder up and helped guide the worker down.

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I'm surprised bucket trucks don't have a fail-safe mode where you can slowly lower yourself even if the hydraulics fail.

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The hydraulics are what balances the weight so it can be raised or lowered slowly, so if they fail its safer to just lock rather than try to use them to change the height. You'd need an entire secondary system to be able to control the height, which wouldn't be used except in these cases.

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Yeah, it would have to be a completely parallel equal-capacity independent system. "slowly lowering" wouldn't be good enough - sometimes they're working above something, or over the side of a highway bridge, and are actually lower than their start position and actually have to raise themselves back to square one.

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The worker also clawed the firefighter.

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