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Jamaica Plain has a new place for protests: The Chase branch on Centre Street

Climate-change die-in outside Chase Bank branch in Jamaica Plain

Fred captured a die-in this morning outside the new Chase Bank branch on Centre Street, where Bukhara used to be.

The action was called by Extinction Rebellion to protest Chase's role as a lender to fossil-fuel projects around the world.

Last year, JP residents protested the opening of the bank branch because of the way its giant new windows affected the look of the historic building it's in. Chase agreed to make changes.

A Chase outlet on Centre Street in West Roxbury has attracted little attention, but it only consists of a couple of ATMs in what remains a nondescript small storefront.



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How they keep this extinct rebellion movement so lily white.

CNN explains.


I am really starting to think this is all some conspiracy to scare poor people out of their neighborhoods. If so, shame on whitey. A google image search shows extinct rebellion is pushing the 12 year end-of-world prediction.

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Shouldn't you be more worried about your own?

Or the racists that are "advising" our leaders?

Consider that the Sunrise Movement is more widespread and vastly more diverse ... oh, wait. That's critical thinking, not reactive slime throwing.

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Weird how all you MAGAs are on here attacking the protesters but not the substance of their protest. I wonder why?

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As my dear old Dad would say....or they are and this is just how they like to spend a few hours on a Saturday?

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Okay, boomer.

Their future, not ours is going to be seriously f*cked by this.

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You got my gender wrong in one of your previous replies to a post of mine, now my age. You keep doing you, it is becoming more entertaining than annoying to me.

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He, swirls, is an expert at making wrong assumptions.

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She is in the 1946 to 1964 birth cohort, which makes her...

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IIRC, this is a Chase Private Client bank. It's not even a normal bank. You need to maintain an average daily balance of $250,000.00 to use that bank.

And it's in JP. Because that's where their market is. In JP. Chockablock with super-woke rich trustafarians. Probably some of the same potheads out there protesting it.

It would be too far for the JP-dwelling millionaires to go to Chestnut Hill, Coolidge Corner, or the South End for one of the other Chase Private Client branches. To use or to protest.

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Well I was living in my car at one point. Worked my ass off, no trust fund. My neighbor never met his dad because he died in The Battle of Midway. He also fought in Vietnam, no trust fund. Come to think of it none of neighbors fit what you describe. But it sure sounds cool.

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The private client bank wouldn't be there if the private clients weren't.

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Not chockablock of trust fund superwoke whatever. Maybe people who earned what they have.

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Hey nothing on this site about the heavily attended rally for Bernie downtown ?

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And an equal lack of coverage of the white-supremacist rally being hugely outnumbered by anti-Nazis outside BPD HQ, either.

I admit it - I didn't cover either. Fortunately, there are other sources that did.

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I was wondering what that was, saw the Gadsden flag, and noped right out of there.

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