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Walsh says Boston schools won't re-open May 4, may not re-open until next fall

COVID-19 Media Availability 4/20/20

"I don't think there's any question: Kids aren't going back to school May 4," Mayor Walsh said today.

At a press conference in front of City Hall, he said he's not even confident that school will resume at all before next fall - and that when it re-opens then, it will likely look a lot different than it did before coronavirus - and so likely will restaurants and other businesses.

Walsh had earlier said the ultimate decision on what to do about schools is up to Gov. Baker and state government. Baker said last week he will likely announce a decision "shortly."

Walsh said that he expects to continue the city's current suggested 9 p.m. curfew past May 4, and that he and city officials are considering whether to expand the hours for that - and, possibly make outdoor mask wearing mandatory.

Walsh spent a fair amount of his time today expressing disappointment and frustration. He singled out people who went golfing at Franklin Park and at the George Wright course In Hyde Park - and said Boston Police sent officers to Franklin Park to order some golfers off the officially closed course.

"This weekend, I was disappointed in people," he said, singling out in particular one young man he watched on TV, grinning as he talked about golfing. "It's nothing to smile about nothing to be proud about," he said. "It's not impressive to be on the golf course; it's closed."

Walsh also expressed disappointment in crowds of people playing soccer across the city, although he said he doesn't want to create fines for social-distance violators, but vowed to keep sending police out to break up large gatherings. He said he doesn't enjoy that and that police aren't doing it for the hell of it. "We're doing it because we want to keep people alive," he said.

He also expressed scorn for both whoever fired a gun that sent a Roxbury 10-year-old to the hospital, but all the people who were at the party when the gun went off, both for what happened and for their complete disregard for social distancing and staying at home. The shooter, he vowed, will be caught, while the others should take a long hard look at themselves and then at their younger siblings, nephews and nieces and their grandparents and think hard about exposing them to the virus.

Walsh said that even though this is technically school vacation week, the city's is continuing to run its meal-distribution sites for Boston school kids.

He added that, starting today, Boston will begin releasing Covid-19 data per Zip code and said the Boston Public Health Commission now has an app that people can download to find a nearby testing site.

Walsh began his press conference by expressing condolences for Nova Scotia, which sends us a Christmas tree every Christmas. "They're the nicest people you'll ever meet," he said, adding he can only imagine the shock and grief in the province.




That we pay cops to tell people not to golf. I'm no expert on the sport, but I'm pretty sure it can be played without the participants coming within six feet of each other. I'd be happy to continue to pay cops to serve our community, but surely, we can find a better societal contribution for those guys to make.

I don't want government involved in the transaction of a person playing a round of golf now or ever. If government feels like it needs to intervene in this case, then my suggestion is that the city of Boston either sell the course, or build housing on it themselves, because the rent is still too damn high.

George Carlin suggested that decades ago, but he was a moron who knew nothing and never once said anything prescient that now applies to current affairs.

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or tennis, for that matter, provided that it is singles rather than doubles.

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Two people, unless they already live together, probably should not be touching balls.

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Listen pal, in this day and age, it's totally okay for two people who don't live together to touch each other's balls.

Tennis shouldn't be played for a while though, I'll give you that.

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General Laws Part IV Title I Chapter 266:

Section 120: Entry upon private property after being forbidden as trespass; prima facie evidence; penalties; arrest; tenants or occupants excepted

Section 120. Whoever, without right enters or remains in or upon the dwelling house, buildings, boats or improved or enclosed land, wharf, or pier of another, or enters or remains in a school bus, as defined in section 1 of chapter 90, after having been forbidden so to do by the person who has lawful control of said premises, whether directly or by notice posted thereon, or in violation of a court order pursuant to section thirty-four B of chapter two hundred and eight or section three or four of chapter two hundred and nine A, shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than thirty days or both such fine and imprisonment. Proof that a court has given notice of such a court order to the alleged offender shall be prima facie evidence that the notice requirement of this section has been met. A person who is found committing such trespass may be arrested by a sheriff, deputy sheriff, constable or police officer and kept in custody in a convenient place, not more than twenty-four hours, Sunday excepted, until a complaint can be made against him for the offence, and he be taken upon a warrant issued upon such complaint.

This section shall not apply to tenants or occupants of residential premises who, having rightfully entered said premises at the commencement of the tenancy or occupancy, remain therein after such tenancy or occupancy has been or is alleged to have been terminated. The owner or landlord of said premises may recover possession thereof only through appropriate civil proceedings.

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For citing the rule of law.

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It’s not a person playing golf solo that’s the main issue. It’s the groups of people that will flock to the courses if they’re open. And even the solo person can possibly infect others if he’s asymptomatic and out touching things or near people. The mayor is right on this one. Libertarianism sounds fine in theory but is laid bare during a pandemic when reliance on others is necessary for the collective health.

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A round of golf if organized properly is probably safer than a half a lap around Jamaica Pond on a nice afternoon this week.

They have flagsticks that you don't have to touch, and if you walk there is nothing at all you need to touch that someone else would be touching. You could start with twosomes, then go to foursomes.

Just my two cents.

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Has to remove the flagstick from the hole. Unless you change the rules to read "person closest to the pin wins the hole".

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Very common in the winter anyway

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Some courses in FL are open with some special rules
- flagstick stays in, don't touch
- pull carts or one person per cart
- no rakes in traps

I don't golf but this sounds doable. Probably the biggest issue is controlling people in the clubhouse area waiting to start.

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Our Kids are going to be terrified to leave the house if this goes on much longer.
Taking trains and busses back and forth to school while worrying about getting a virus can mess up their heads.

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Or online schooling. There was a flyer in my mailbox today for an online public school. It was addressed to a previous inhabitant; having no children, I didn't investigate, but they do exist.

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taking a bus back and forth from school during a pandemic can also make them sick

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Where have you all been? Kids have been expected to do homeschool / online school / their school's curriculum online for the past month.

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