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New Roslindale restaurant lets you walk right in and ask if they serve crabs

In what is probably not at all surprising when the pandemic means no more buffets, Lisa Beatman reports (in Keep Roslindale Quirky) that the Flaming Grill and Buffet, which had been serving up Chinese buffet (and mac and cheese and sushi) on American Legion Highway in Roslindale since 2017 has been replaced by Cajun Crab Shack, which, of course, serves various types of boiled Cajun seafood dishes, as well as po' boys.

No gumbo, though, perhaps because they had to make some concessions to their location in New England - the menu lists clam chowder as an option.

It's Roslindale's second Cajun seafood place.


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I got Crabs in Roslindale.

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No shellfish can beat these delectable spiders of the sea. They make lobsters seem more like buttered rice stuffed into a plastic shell.

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