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People avoiding the T like the plague

A near empty Red Line train this afternoon

Our own Cybah had plenty of room to exercise social distancing on the Red Line around 3 p.m. today. He says his train the same time yesterday was full.

Mike Moody snapped a similar scene on an inbound Greenbush Line train around 7 this morning:

Nearly empty commuter rail train


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was packed when I rode it home at 4pm today. Didn’t take a seat, though none were available anyways. Tried not to touch anything, except the floor. Left my shoes outside the house.

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To the socioeconomic geography of Boston - ie. who can and cannot telecommute to work and the fact that those who cannot are often in low-paying jobs.

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That the Orange wasn't crammed. Still a few people standing but it was the "I don't want to wedge myself in an open seat between two people" standing rather than the "there's nowhere to sit" standing.

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Yet my Orange line was full of riders. I don't know if that is good or bad. Adam, stay healthy as we depend on you. A lot of times I see u keeping us informed on all subjects before other media. Go Adam! Go AG!

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Fortunately, I've been practicing social distancing for years :-)

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Yet even as u have been practicing social distancing you still manage to get the news out at an exemplary level. A gentleman, scholar, and a fine judge of whiskey!

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the people behind me in lines at the stores would practice some social distancing.

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Crime is down on the MBTA.

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My stop is Quincy Center. It was pretty crowded

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