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So the mayor walks into a barbershop ...

Ray Flynn in a barbershop

The folks at the Boston City Archives are continuing their exploration of a large collection of Ray Flynn-era photos and is seeking help to identify the non-Ray folks in this photo.

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"We don't get many mayors in here."

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Definitely looks like it's Reggie's in Grove Hall based on the sign in the window and the building across the street. I'd imagine the man with the fly jheri curl is none other than Reggie himself.

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That this is Reggie from Reggie's world of curl. The man is Cliff and the girl is Cliff's daughter.

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The shop was called World of Curls
Owner: “Reggie” (Right)
Master Barber: Clifton Barker (Left)
The little girl is Clifton’s daughter, Kenya

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He used to cut my hair until his son took over.
Very sad story about his son.

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Aren't they the same two guys that have been following him around for the past few weeks?

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(Get your Soul Glow)

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