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Southie parties are the most!

beat pumpkin

The last few weekends in Southie multiple 311 calls about loud parties have been rising. This pumpkin is what some of the party goers must feel and look like.

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Too much partying leads to hangovers!


Nothing is worse than being hungover with a fever, dry cough, and no sense of smell. Oh well, I've got to get over my tiredness and go to work. It sucks being a cashier but at least I get to talk to people. I just hope some prick doesn't yell at me for being without a mask on the T again. People need to mind their own business.



When you get into a crowded MBTA car, or for that matter, any other crowded place, especially indoors, where no social distancing is taking place, especially when you don't wear a mask, that's not only putting oneself at risk for Covid-19, but other people, their families, friends, and neighbors, and your friends, neighbors and family at risk, as well.

If you have a fever, dry cough, and no sense of smell, you should go and see a doctor.


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