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Three Dorchester murder victims identified

Felicity Coleman

Boston Police today identified the three most recent murder victims in Boston, all of whom were killed in Dorchester:

Felicity Coleman, 34, shot to death on Stonehurst Street on Sunday.

Onell Colon, 36, stabbed to death on Adams Street on Saturday.

Shonn Bailey, 50, fatally stabbed on Theodore Street on Friday.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports Kristian Maraj, 22, of Dorchester, was arraigned for Coleman's death:

According to prosecutors, a group had gathered in the area of Stonehurst Street to watch individuals set off fireworks. Maraj was present at the gathering with two other men.

He became involved in an argument with another individual, during which Maraj allegedly displayed a firearm. Maraj and his two companions eventually left the location, but he returned a short time later, shirtless and firing into the crowd, prosecutors said. Coleman, who was present at the gathering but not believed to be involved in the fight that preceded the shooting, was fatally struck.



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Stop the violence. Senseless stupid violence tearing up families.


As nice as this comment is. We need to be more proactive than just commenting. Do more. This is not enough. Get engaged with our community.


As someone who is moving to the Fields Corner area soon, what programs or groups would you recommend getting involved with to make a difference?
Or what are others ways of getting involved in the community other than attending local civic association meetings?


Not to move here at all or you may get caught In the middle of someone else's beef and hit unintentionally I lived on Draper st and Mt. Ida Rd between 2004-2008 and was 2 feet away from a guy that was grazed in his cheek by a 12 gauge sawed off shot gun and by the miracle of God I wasn't hit it seems like that area is going back to how it was back then I heard shots every night tons of shooting's stabbings and homicides do yourself a favor stay away that part of Dorchester will never change some years there is let shooting's and murders but it's not because the section is changing its because some years beefs between gangs and sets are just down they choose to make money go out of town or get locked up its been that way forever I'm still in Dorchester but down by Ashmont I don't live on the greatest street but the neighborhood itself is not like over there closest to that area is Codman similar but still not like there.

Due to this senseless act of violence the family is asking for help in Felicity Coleman home going services and to help provide support for her son that she leaves behind a little goes a long way. Go fund me account was created by the mother of the victim who is now the primary caregiver of the victims son

Stories we need to hear.


In watching the first few minutes of one of the Boston TV news channels at noon, not a whisper of the stunning wave of violence gripping Boston, 7 dead in 6 days. I did learn that the President of Brazil has apparently tested positive, with the cherry on top, as reported by Boston's channel 4, "he has been seen in public without a mask."

Walsh can defund the police, judges can release violent inmates early and Rollins can refuse to prosecute those lawfully arrested because with the exception of this site, nobody cares.
Look for the violence and decay to get a lot worse before it gets better. BTW, do we have a comprehensive damage estimate from the devastation inflicted on the city on May 31? Our brave Boston Fire Department can come up with a damage estimate after a building fire even before the last ember has cooled. It's been over a month since the looting and rioting destroyed the city, but still no number? What is Walsh hiding?


watching the first few minutes of one ... news [channel]

Thank you so much for taking the time to do such valuable, in-depth research.


I knew this young lady's older brother. She leaves behind a 16 year old son who now doesn't have a mom in an already tough world. I wish the guys on the street would wisen up and put the guns down. Rest in Peace felicity.

I knew this young lady's older brother. She leaves behind a 16 year old son who now doesn't have a mom in an already tough world. I wish the guys on the street would wisen up and put the guns down. Rest in Peace felicity.