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Alleged rabbi stabber ordered held without bail

People at vigil for stabbed rabbi

People at Brighton vigil for rabbi this morning. Photo by Claire Sadar.

The Jewish Journal reports on today's arraignment of Khaled Awad on charges he repeatedly stabbed a rabbi outside a Jewish day school and camp in Brighton Center yesterday.

A judge ordered Awad, who moved to the US from Egypt four years ago, locked up at least until a dangerousness hearing; he'd had unspecified charges in Florida dismissed due to questions about his mental competence.

Among those attending a vigil in the park where Rabbi Shlomo Noginski was stabbed was Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins, who said her office is still considering whether to add civil-rights charges to the assault-and-battery charges Awad is already facing, WBUR reports.

Members of the Jewish communities in Boston, Brookline and Newton and numerous elected officials attended the vigil. Also in attendance: Staffers from the German consulate in Boston:


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It just had to be an Egyptian. The irony burns.

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I fail to see the irony. I do see the prejudice and take offense.

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Don't use comment threads for a mental latrine.

I am an American of 60 years, lived in Boston since '77 and
you have just made me like Egyptians a little more.

I loathe reading divisive posts that attack the innocent en masse
from the comfort of the keyboard.
There are plenty of good people in every country.

The public does not need to read things like that.
Social media went to hell after 2016 and we will repair it.

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@Gregg Have you ever read the Old Testament?
It covers all that.

Did you know the Rabbi had a black belt?

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Your communication is shite.

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Boston Globe deems immigration history to be irrelevant in this case and doesn't report on it.

And of course our DA doesn't want to rush to conclusions here, the guy could have been simply on drugs. The opioid epidemic is still here.

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This guy may have been on drugs and/or highly motivated to commit a vehicle robbery. He also, once he decided that crime was the answer, may have chosen his target based on his disdain for Jewish people.

WBZ interviewed Awad’s FLA roommate and the roommate characterized him as unstable and invested in conspiracy theories about “the Jews”.

This was also initially reported as an attempted kidnapping. That report may have been inaccurate, but there seems to be elements of both hate crime and traditional crime overlapping.

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Your first point is objectively correct, the most recent Globe article does not mention where the man immigrated from. I'll leave it to others to decide if that is relevant or not in the article.

But as for the DA, in that very Globe article that you prompted me to open:

her office is conducting a civil rights investigation into the attack on Noginski, along with the Boston police.

I don't want prosecutors to jump to conclusions, I'd prefer the follows the facts and evidence to draw conclusions to base their cases on. The burden of proof will always lie upon them, those that serve us in our government. But if you think Rollins is not open to the possibility that this was a hate crime, do tell me why she would be looking at this as a possible civil rights violation?

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They did jump to conclusion in another case, based on as much evidence. Granted that was a murder.

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What case are you talking about, and what evidence are you aware of them having in that case, as well as the one we are currently discussing?

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WBZ interviewed Awad’s FLA roommate and the roommate characterized him as unstable and invested in conspiracy theories about “the Jews”.

Seems pretty clear.

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Did investigators quickly find this stuff written down in his own handwriting?

I assume you are comparing this to the Winthrop incident.

The suspect in the Brighton case is also not dead. There is a lot more leeway in speaking about a crime in which the sole suspect is deceased than a case where the suspect(s) are living.

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WBZ reports.

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Kinda makes my annoying roommates not seem so bad.

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Some stats to put Anti-Semitism in perspective.

Anti-Semitic events are the second most common form of hate crime nationally, behind Anti-Black. Anti-Asian, which is getting lots of attention lately, is the 8th most common type of hate crime.

Anti-Semitic crimes are up 28% 2018-2019, the last year for which the FBI has released national data. Most hate crimes categories are also up during that same period. Anti- Asian was up 16% for reference.

Massachusetts has the 4th highest number of Anti-Semitic incidents, behind New York, New Jersey, and California.

1.3% of incidents involve aggravated assault. Most common incidents are vandalism (66.1%), intimidation (21.3%) and simple assault (7.1%).

Race of offender is most likely unknown. 16.4% are Cauciasian, 3.1% are Black. 4.7% of offenders are juveniles

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4.7% of offenders are juveniles

Thanks for sharing this. I'll remember it the next time hate-speech vandalism is dismissed as "aaah they're just kids looking for attention".

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Schools would often handle incidents themselves and not report them unless there was some specific reason.

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Anti-Semitism attracts more adults culprits.
For all hate crimes 8.2% are juveniles.
Anti- gay is 24.1% juvenile.
Anti-Asian is 10.3 % juvenile.
Juveniles for Anti-Semitic incidents are just 4.7% of the total.

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