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Another indoor First Night event changes to online-only

Trinity Church in Copley Square announced on Facebook (note: link updated) that tomorrow afternoon's Handel and Haydn Society Emancipation Proclamation Concert will be online only, with no live audience, at 1 pm. The live stream should be available at https://handelandhaydn.org/ . UPDATE: It appears now that the concert will have neither a live audience nor a live stream, but will instead be recorded for release at a not-yet-specified near future time.

The concert is no longer listed on First Night's schedule page.


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so my old link to it no longer works. I've updated this post with a new link and the latest change in plans.

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The current schedule lists Jacqueline Schwab’s performance at First Church as online-only, presented on the church’s Facebook page. It looks like a Facebook account/login will be required to stream. Someone has posted a question about whether the performance will be recorded for later viewing, no response as yet.

(Oh, just looked again and noticed who the “someone on Facebook” is!)

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so First Night is now 100% outdoors or online.

I don't think a Facebook account is needed to watch a video stream on First Church's page, which is public.
I just now was able to begin playing a video on that page, from a not-logged-in Chrome Incognito window.

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I don't think a Facebook account is needed to watch a video stream on a public page.

Usually not, in my experience, but the listing on the Church’s page mentions “log in”. I am sure you will post an update if you get a response!

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