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Another indoor First Night event changes to online-only

Trinity Church in Copley Square announced on Facebook (note: link updated) that tomorrow afternoon's Handel and Haydn Society Emancipation Proclamation Concert will be online only, with no live audience, at 1 pm. The live stream should be available at https://handelandhaydn.org/ . UPDATE: It appears now that the concert will have neither a live audience nor a live stream, but will instead be recorded for release at a not-yet-specified near future time.

The concert is no longer listed on First Night's schedule page.


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so my old link to it no longer works. I've updated this post with a new link and the latest change in plans.

The current schedule lists Jacqueline Schwab’s performance at First Church as online-only, presented on the church’s Facebook page. It looks like a Facebook account/login will be required to stream. Someone has posted a question about whether the performance will be recorded for later viewing, no response as yet.

(Oh, just looked again and noticed who the “someone on Facebook” is!)

so First Night is now 100% outdoors or online.

I don't think a Facebook account is needed to watch a video stream on First Church's page, which is public.
I just now was able to begin playing a video on that page, from a not-logged-in Chrome Incognito window.

I don't think a Facebook account is needed to watch a video stream on a public page.

Usually not, in my experience, but the listing on the Church’s page mentions “log in”. I am sure you will post an update if you get a response!