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Anti-masker throws silverware at other diners in a Wellesley restaurant after they refuse to take their masks off

The Swellesley Report chronicles a pair of arrests at a normally genteel restaurant in the normally genteel town: A couple who find the sight of masks disturbing while they eat asked people at another table to take their off. Those people refused, words were exchanged, other tables got involved and before police arrived the woman was hurling silverware and the man was threatening to beat up other patrons. Police then gave the couple a tour of their booking desk.

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If anyone doesn't believe that privilege exists after having read that, they're just straight up intellectually dishonest.

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Sorry, I guess I was being too clever for my own good. In fact, both were arrested and then transported to the local police station for booking.

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If you can’t figure out that Adam wasn’t being literal, then you should definitely not read stacos tweets.

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Why has society devolved to this? Why are people THROWING SILVERWARE? And I am unabashed in pointing out that this incivility takes place on both sides of the political spectrum. There is a viciousness that goes on now. Can't people get their point across without throwing their poo like apes?

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I'm claiming publishing rights for "' 'raunt rage ". I think it's going to catch on. Similar to "road rage" but brought on by perceived improper behavior or etiquette done by others whom you observe while you are dining out. Most cases of 'raunt rage end in physical altercations.

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Sorry, Panic, but you’re not allowed to shorten “restaurant” to “‘raunt.” Rule 42 prohibits relocating the vowel “u.”

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I think you'll find that all the letters are there and in the proper order. :-)

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...are doing a lot of work there ;-)

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…. of grammar.

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It hasn't, from the time of our founding, it's always been like this in Massachusetts, take a look at our history.

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I wonder too. But I agree with the civility issue that is apparent on both sides. I see my liberal friends be just as forceful with their opinions as MAGA has. You're not helping, folks.

However, this takes the cake and eats it with a fork that was thrown. WHY are we like this? Because we've spent the last 20 or so years being polarized about everything. One side has been programmed to hate the other, no matter what it is. And vice versa.

The Conservatives:
Democrats = Bad
Liberals = Bad
The liberals:
Conservatives = Bad
Republicans = Bad

So when the two meet., it's like oil and water. Add to the fact that TFG enticed alot of this, did much of it himself, and now people are acting like him. And we wonder why ppl are acting like this.

Gotta show the other side how much we hate them, no matter what the issue is. Even if that includes putting yourself at risk of harm.

Sadly I dont think we're going to change any time soon. We're still polarized and I fear it's going to get worse before it gets better. Might as well start wearing armor to dinner now.

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Especially the ones who were minding their own business while wearing masks. God, they were asking for it.

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"people were masks were minding their own business"

To many people in Qlandia, people who wear masks like this are liberal. Thus gotta hate those liberals. Which is why they did this unprovoked.

Conditioning to do this.. its a thing.

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propaganda media actively makes people dumber, angrier, hostile to expertise, upside-down on science, open to harebrained conspiracy theories and fake moral panics, sympathetic to the use of violence for political ends, and in general more bigoted toward minorities of every stripe.

Me, on the other hand: I did not need leftie media to make me look down on the willfully stupid, gullible and hateful. I was born that way.

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I'm not saying that this is not the case. What I am saying is how "pushy" people are with their opinions. It doesn't matter if its about MAGA, politics, abortion, how bruce willis is a star, what color is Madonnas hair today. or some other such silliness

I do it
You do it
Adam does it
My Dad does
Politicians do it

We've all been conditioned to do it. Everything is a debate now, everything is an argument.

This applies to Liberals AND conservatives.

See we're already doing it here, you and the poster above **Had** to reply (as did I). We all feel we have a need to express ourselves. Again guilty here myself, but its hard to see that when we're all doing it.

"Pick your battles" and "MYOB" are the best pieces of advice I've ever gotten. People don't want to mind their own business or pick their battles. Every thing is their business and everything is a battle.

I posted a picture the other day of a rail car that was converted into a condo. It sat in a trailer park with other converted rail cars. Not a practical idea, but was pretty cool to see, and a neat concept. Never said it was practical, or even that I wanted to live there but the comments under it were

"Shipping containers are not housing"
"You could have built 3x the housing with that"
"This isnt density"

I just posted a picture of a house I thought was cool looking. It wasnt a political statement nor did I really want any debate. It was just cool looking. Its like posting a picture of a beautiful field of dandelions and someone saying "they are a weed".

It's just a pretty picture. Can we please just see it as it is.. a pretty picture. Not a debate. We've seem to lost that.

This is what I am talking about. Everything is a debate and everything is an argument. Bothsides do it.

My issue is less about topics, its attitude.

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stories do you read of liberals getting in the face of mask shunners and throwing silverware at them?

The people on the side of science and social responsibility just don't display the same hostility and aggression as the lunkheads on the side of willful ignorance and selfishness. And it's right-wing politicians and media that stoke and excuse that violently stupid behavior.

You're peddling a false equivalence.

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This incident in Wellesley, and other incidents where people are storming school boards, election boards, attacking flight attendants, and threatening or actually committing violence against government officials, is the fruit of a deliberate right-wing disinformation campaign broadcast out through social media in order to seize power.

Someone being aggressively snarky to you on the internet does not equate to what's going on here.

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I see my liberal friends be just as forceful with their opinions as MAGA has.

Really? Your liberal friends stormed government buildings looking to lynch the elected officials inside? Your liberal friends bought their teenaged kids weapons and drove them across state lines so they could shoot demonstrators?

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The people wearing masks at another table had zero impact on the arrested couple other than offending how they think the world should work.

It's in the same vein as conservative opposition to gay marriage or homosexuality in general. It does not affect them personally, but it offends them that there are those out there who do not subscribe to their worldview.

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Money can't buy class.

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In Wellesley they are referred to as mischief makers in Roxbury they are referred to as rabble-rousers.

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MetroWest drivers are the most aggressive within the 495 belt, and the general patience level in personal interaction is the lowest. I think it stems from vehicular envy. No matter how much you spend, you will inevitably encounter another vehicle on Route 9 which is more expensive. Thus, many lead lives of quiet desperation, which manifests itself in incidents like the one in the Wellesley restaurant. The mask dispute merely triggered the simmering rage.

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I think it stems from vehicular envy.

This sounds like projection to me, tbh. When I see another vehicle on the road, how expensive it is is of the least concern to me. What I care about are things like how are they driving and how hard are they to see around.

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treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.
"a facetious remark"
flippant · flip · glib · frivolous · tongue-in-cheek · waggish · whimsical · joking · jokey · jesting · jocular · playful · roguish · impish · teasing · arch · mischievous · puckish · in fun · in jest · witty · amusing · funny · droll · comic · comical · chucklesome · lighthearted · high-spirited · bantering · frolicsome · sportive · jocose

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Why would anyone care that people at a different table were wearing masks?

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Maybe they don't believe in wearing one as a general precaution and therefore think that wearing one around them is a targeted message at them saying the wearers are "unclean" or something?

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