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Blue Line train gives up ghost, so service now is toast

The MBTA reports an outbound Blue Line train near Aquarium has ceased to run. "Trains may stand by at stations."

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I thought about this...

Blue Line cars are from 2006. So about 15 years old, and we're now starting to see them break down.

Really makes me wonder what the guys at the shops do all day over there at Orient Heights.

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what they don’t do: keep wheels true, replace blown lightbulbs, inspect and replace defective track, maintain signals, etc.

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Make T free. That way noone will be upset about paying for bad service.

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Shouldn't drivers help pay the cost of transit the way all taxpayers subsidize highways (hint: gas tax doesn't cover the cost of highways).

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close to 80 percent subsidized, by people who live no where near transit.

We have given this crew $billions for maintenance since 2015 and this is the result, a daily disaster.

You want to continue this madness by giving them more?

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...according to Massbudget.org, the gas tax (at 24 cents/gal) pays about 11% of the total transportation capital and operating costs ($770M approx) with regular taxes making up the balance (that might include a little Fed $$, idk) . Bump the gas tax up even a little and there's a substantial new revenue stream that could be dedicated to bringing the MBTA system up to some basic level of "good" repair. But surely there are UHUB denizens who are WAY more knowledgeable than me and can parse this out. It just seems wrong that the T, having taken on all the Big Dig commitments, shouldn't be subsidized a little by the car-centric world (I know, gas tax is regressive, the must be some way of addressing this as well).

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So let's tax people with NO ACCESS to public transportation to subsidize the ride to Boston from Wellesley and Beverly Farms.

Or spending 10s of $millions upgrading commuter rail stations in the low income community of Newton while most of the state won't even see a diesel bus.

Got it.


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Chrome actually auto-filled that into the Subject line since it knows I used it once before. They are entirely inaccessible and they only allow trains to stop going one direction at a time (which is why they have much less service than either Wellesley to the west or Boston Landing to the east)

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Is this "residual" from yesterday's Blue Line problem that caused the breakdown and invisible shittle I mean shuttle train to crawl to riders' rescue? Residual delays. We'll....be.....moving momentari....ly...please stan...we're sorr....traff...ead...will be last stop.

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