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Boston Not Calling again

Boston Calling says mark your calendar for Memorial Day weekend - in 2022, when it hopes to return after canceling the festival again this year due to exactly the reason you would expect.

After exploring all possible options for hosting Boston Calling this year, we have made the difficult decision in conjunction with local and state authorities to cancel the 2021 festival.




I hope this festival survives covid. Fingers crossed they can (somehow) find a way to bring back the planned 2020 headliners for the 2022 show. Call it a do-over!

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Might just have to start over, might just pick up.

By 2022 everyone and their roommate, brother, mother, father, sister will want to do a festival because WOOHOO YES FREEDOM - even if that only lasts a year. Demand will be huge when we all emerge from our larval stages.

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A stand-alone show with their usual 2+ hour set and their own production > an hour festival slot.

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