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Cajun chain moving into Hyde Park, will serve crabs there

Boston Restaurant Talk reports a chain called Crab du Jour plans to open a restaurant in the America's Food Basket mall on Hyde Park Avenue.

It will be the third Cajun boiled seafood place in the area, joining the Cajun Crab Shack, where Flaming Buffet used to be on American Legion Highway in Roslindale, and Shaking Seafood in Roslindale Square.

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Heck, they'll serve anyone!

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Not "Hyde Park Gets Crabs"?

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How's the seafood? Fresh or frozen? Is the seasoning any good or is it weird?

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It was kind of hard to figure out at first, but we've settled in on the shrimp which are pretty tasty, def get an extra side order of corn and throw that in the bag with the sauce (get the HOT stuff, very salty but d-lish!). Seem like nice folks too!

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was aware of and tried, Brother's Crawfish, opened in Dorchester over ten years ago. It's basically a fusion cuisine originated by Vietnamese immigrants who settled in New Orleans after the war.

I reviewed the first fancy, upmarket version of the format around here for The Improper, the South End's Bootleg Special, shortly after it opened in early 2018. I prefer the more modest, casual places. Frozen seafood can be an issue at that price point, sometimes mushy, but it's good, messy, tasty fun in the mode of a Chesapeake crab boil.

Whatever they call the hot Cajun sauce is always the move I recommend. Shrimp is usually a good bet, or crawfish if they offer it (always previously frozen around here) and they use decent-size ones: the little ones are a lot of work for not much meat.

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City of crabs and Old Bay, crabs and A200.

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And unlike Massachusetts, Maryland is for Lovers.

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