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Citizen complaint of the day: Lawn overwatering in East Boston

Sprinklers in the rain

A concerned citizen filed a 311 complaint at 12:45 a.m. about the sprinklers going full blast in the middle of a torrential downpour on Lewis Mall in East Boston.

Not sure who controls Lewis mall but please turn off. This grass does not need watering!


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Mind ya business lady. Do ppl not realize that these things are on timers and they are not “switched on “ manually. Easier and more financially prudent to keep the cycle on instead of sending an employee around to turn off. Get a life people. 311 could be the worst invention of all time. It’s just a nitpick machine.

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There are sensors that can be included to these irrigation systems that monitor rain quantity and rate. They tie into the clock to override the on off.

GTFO with your MYB.

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This contributes to flooding and runoff. That is everyone's business.

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Your misogyny is showing.

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There’s a lot showing

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We use the same water, are affected by the same floods.

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Yet here you are nitpicking and not MYB!

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Not only is it wasteful and adds to storm run off, it could damage the lawn with the excess water.

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You would think someone would be in charge of that.

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This looks pretty bad for the sidewalk as well. Stinks for anyone who has to walk by that.

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I'm just not digging all the nasty replies.

Yeah, watering a lawn during a storm is dumb. If the city can install sensors or adjust something, that's much better

Otoh, if sensors are expensive, or are part of the 15 year capital plan, then that's cool. Everything can't be perfect.

Thanks and carry on with your day.

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Are u serious get a life!! I live in a neighborhood that has gun shots EVERY night and noooooobody calls 311

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Why would you call 311 for gunshots? That's a 911 call.

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Just keeping the downpour in continuous circulation.

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