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European passengers return to Logan

British Airways flight 213 coming in over Castle Island

Msmariamad watched British Airways flight 213 on its final approach to Logan over Pleasure Bay this afternoon, the first day in 18 months that European travelers were allowed to land in the US (with proof of both vaccination and a negative Covid-19 test.

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Regardless of the press, I know a number of people, personal acquaintances that flew in here from foreign nations such as Germany under the same conditions and restrictions as far back as September. Some on business and some on personal family issues (funeral, etc.)

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The vaccine requirement is new, and only for foreign nationals

The thing is that US citizens have always been exempt from all travel restrictions (they just always had to show a negative test) and for foreign nationals the requirement only applied to people who had been present in X country in the past 14 days. So for example, a British traveler could have flown for a 14 day trip to say, Qatar, or another country with no travel restrictions to the US, and then boarded a direct flight to Boston from Doha and been allowed in.

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Flights never stopped. There were a lot less from Boston but the Washington and NYC airports have had lots of daily flights over the water.

I have had relatives go back and forth from Ireland and friends who have been on "business" trips for nearly a year to the continent and London.

This is now just show up if you want as long as you are vaccinated.

What you are seeing, especially with the dual take offs from Heathrow of BA and VA to JFK, that they are telling you to get on a plane (with much higher fares than 3 years ago).

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But people who were present in the past 14 days in the UK/Schengen Area/Iran/China/many more and ARE NOT US citizens were denied entry until now.

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have survived the pandemic.

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They survived all the raptors.

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If only they’d require proof of vaccinations and negative covid tests for domestic travel. I have to fly to Utah in January and am NOT looking forward to the flights.

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I have flown recently (on Delta, which seems to have staked out a claim to being an airline that takes health seriously) and found it a lot better than I expected. Flights were full, but mask wearing was almost 100%, nobody was a jackass, and prices weren’t way out of line.

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the Emirates, Air France, British Airways, Qatar, etc.. flights have been coming in for a while and I'd sure be surprised if there weren't any European passengers on those giants.

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