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Feds: Green Line driver pushed trolley to maximum power just before crashing into another trolley on Comm. Ave.

Update:WCVB reports the T is moving to fire the driver.

Federal crash investigators today announced the "how" of a July 30 trolley crash on Commonwealth Avenue, but are continuing to investigate the "why:"

In a brief report, the National Transportation Safety Board said:

The striking train accelerated to a speed of 31 mph before colliding with the train ahead of it that was moving about 10 mph. A preliminary review of striking train’s event recorder data revealed that the operat​​​or of the striking train placed the master controller in a full-power position prior to the accident.

The board, however, did not speculate on why driver Owen Turner did that:

The NTSB investigation is ongoing. Future investigative activity will focus on internal and external oversight, operational testing, crashworthiness of the equipment involved, and employee fitness for duty.



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Did the trolley have an operator facing camera?

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Ramming speed!

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Rail Rage

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Operational phrase "employee fitness for duty" . YOU'RE FIRED!!!

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"But...but...but I thought I was stepping on the brakes!"

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A trolley is not a car so I'm not sure if his drivers license can be suspended or any criminal charges that could be applicable to speeding on the rails.

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without even knowing what crime may or may not have been committed.

This is the wrong way of going about things in like... three different ways.

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gross negligence of a person in control of a train, and gross negligence of a person having care of a common carrier, according to press reports (Globe & BZ1030 I've seen/heard myself tonight)

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