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French restaurant in the South End closing

Boston Restaurant Talk reports Bar Lyon on Washington Street est fini on Jan. 31.


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At the corner of Mass Ave. kitty korner from the ill fated Alexandria Hotel. Bummer it closed. The space had been vacant for many years.

December 31? No more french burgers?

dreamed of its quenelle de brochet all through the lockdown: pike dumplings in lobster veloute dotted with crayfish. So rich and delicious: a nice bit of cheffery and a dish you almost never see here. I've had it a couple of times since it reopened, and its excellent burger, too. Eff this pandemic, and all the socially irresponsible morons who prolonged it with their idiot politics and science ignorance.


However Boston Restaurant Talk is incorrect, it's not on Columbus Ave, it's on Washington St at Massachusetts Ave. It is owned by the Columbus Restaurant Group though.


But I suspect I screwed it up.

The Boston Restaurant Talk post originally said it was on Columbus in the article (and fixed it later), but at the bottom gave the correct address

Unique food. Nice, intimate space and vibe. Always packed when I am there. WTF?

restaurants are so pressed to find and keep good staff that some small restaurant groups are closing an outlet to spread existing staff around to higher-revenue stores. I don't know if that was the logic behind this closing, but it's a good guess. Bar Lyon (along with Teatro) was the most affordable of Columbus Hospitality Group's restaurants, which includes wallet-stompers like Sorellina, Mistral, Mooo...., and Ostra.