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It's a New Year's miracle! New Red Line trains are running again, well, one of them, anyway

Joe Pesaturo posts the video to prove it. You may recall how the new Red Line trains, the one or two that were actually running, were taken out of service while engineers figured out what to do about the way the sister newbies on the Orange Line kept derailing.

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I'll take the under.

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It'll be free though.

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Had to officially make the "Later this year" deadline...

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They're not red enough! That video made the detailing look orangey to me.

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I'm really not looking forward to the constant beeping whenever the doors are open.

They say it's for accessibility, but I've never heard another train do this in this country or elsewhere.

I just hope the promised benefits of fewer breakdowns and more frequent service actually happen.

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The MBTA is the same organization that wasted over $100,000 withholding the opening of the Savin Hill subway station because the elevator was not finished during the renovation. All supposedly out of respect for ADA compliance.

That $100,000 could have been spent toward improving service in more efficient ways, especially for folks who need assistance.

The phrase perfection is the enemy of the good comes to mind.

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