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Mask hater tries to rip mask off woman in Downtown Crossing

Hush Crew is a group of local, mostly Asian-Americans who like to dance in public to K-pop. The other day, they were at Summer and Washington street, dancing. Between sets, they wore masks. And that really set some random guy off, to the point where he started calling them communists and tried to pull the mask off one of them.

Just when it looked like things would escalate even further, Brandon Bowser, a labor organizer and a 2019 Allston/Brighton city-council candidate, appeared and got the hostile guy away.


we have the right to wear masks like how he has the right to be ugly tf #stayc #stereotype #kpopinpublic #harrassed #asian #covid #kpop #kpopfyp

♬ stereotype x dalla dalla - .


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Just sayin'.

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Shout out to Bowser, a good dude. Run again please too!

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I would support a law whereby it would be a misdemeanor with a $500 dollar fine to accuse someone of being a communist without being able to articulate the differences between communism, socialism, social democracy, and liberalism. Hint: the three terms are not equivalent in meaning, nor do any of them mean "person politically to my left who I don't like".

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For being able to differentiate between "communist" and "socialist."

In any case, he wasn't making a political point, but a racist one.

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for differentiating between "socialist" and "national socialist", with a special bonus for knowing what Hitler did with those Nazi Party members who actually believed the "socialist" part.

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Communism is when you wear masks, and the more masks people wear, the more Communist it is.

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I thought it had something to do with K-pop. What is more fearsome, the Mask Peril, or the K-pop Peril?

It is now clear that if Marx and Engels had had access to TikTok, the workers of the world would have united, and lost their chains. The world would have become Communist overnight. On the other hand, this dominance would have only lasted a week or two, as the world got bored, and moved on to something else.

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Yeah! It's a communicable disease, ergo, communist. Don't get mad at me, I don't write the laws.

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That this guy is in full halfway house chic. 3/4 pants and a white t-shirt with a bluetooth earpiece for those important calls.

There are some readers here who work at certain penal institutions. Does he look familiar?

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Looks a lot like a guy who threatened to beat me up when I told him to put a mask on in my store. His whole argument was "Its a free country" and they're "lying to me." When I informed him it was a private business and that he could kindly go fuck himself he left without incident.

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Wish I learned of a cool thing like the Hush Crew in Boston without the need of a hate-crime A&B context.

Cool cultural local things are worthy of news sometimes, this makes me sad for the crime and being ignorant of something I would love to witness

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That’s assault. Wonder if anyone will get a bead on this mamaluke.

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I’m quite bothered by the anti-Chinese racism and the angry guy anti-Covid stance, but I am most troubled by how comfortable he his with laying hands on this woman in broad daylight and then continuing to demand she stop filming. I can’t imagine how he treats women in more secluded or private settings.

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I actually learned about this from a guy on Tik Tok who is all about identifying anti-social jerks like this one. He'll be outed soon, if he hasn't already.

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Were there no police there? Perhaps not, I work in the area and hardly ever see any officers in the downtown crossing area or in Boston Common.

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Remember when there was a manned Boston Police kiosk outside the entrance to the T stop at Downtown Crossing? That lasted all of ten minutes. It's a flower shop now.

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Good for the woman behind the camera for standing up for herself and publicizing this asshole's racism and covidiocy. Shame on society for breeding such ignorance and intolerance.

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As someone who who discovered Korean TV during the pandemic, I would love watch this sometime!

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Everyone I don't like is a communist

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Does he sing bass harmonies?

Or does he make life hard for Mario?

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