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Missing your mandolin?


Eileen Murphy reports she found this well maintained mandolin in a case on East Broadway in South Boston yesterday. She says she'll be dropping it off at District C-6 this morning.

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On behalf of musicians everywhere thank you Eileen. It has happened to all of us. Yo-Yo Ma left his priceless (lowest conceivable estimate $25 million) Mantagnana cello in a NYC cab. Joshua Bell has also left behind his Strad.

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I said this to Eileen last night when she posted this on Twitter...

"Its in good hands now"

Glad she found it and not someone else who wanted to make a buck.

She's a good egg, the sweetheart of South Boston, and do the right thing.

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How can they id the right owner? Can it be done, if a picture has been posted?

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That have not been made public and that only the owner would likely know.

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I have many many photos that include my instruments and cases. I also have insurance appraisals that contain extensive details about the instruments. Even if this is a factory-made instrument as this appears to be, there have likely been repairs and other things that make it unique. The finder may have photographed the back like that because there are aftermarket accessories on the top that the person would be able to identify.

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