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Natick woman now faces felony charges for alleged role in failed Capitol coup

The US Attorney's office in Washington, DC has upgraded the charges against alleged putschist Sue Ianni of Natick from misdemeanor to felony charges, which could mean a harsher sentence if she's convicted and might permanently bar her from ever owning a gun.

In a felony "information" filed earlier this month, Ianni is now charged with three counts related to what she allegedly did after she and some of her fellow Massachusetts Trump supporters arrived in DC in early January: Entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds, Disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds and disorderly conduct in a Capitol building. It's the disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds that elevates the charges to a felony, with a maximum sentence of a year in prison.

On or about January 6, 2021, in the District of Columbia, SUZANNE IANNI, did knowingly, and with intent to impede and disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business and official functions, engage in disorderly and disruptive conduct in and within such proximity to, a restricted building and grounds, that is, any posted, cordoned-off, and otherwise restricted area within the United States Capitol and its grounds, where the Vice President and Vice President-elect were temporarily visiting, when and so that such conduct did in fact impede and disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business and official functions.

When she was arrested in January, Ianni and fellow white-supremacist Mark Sahady were charged with misdemeanor counts of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted buildings or grounds without lawful authority and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. Sahady had his charges changed to the felony counts Ianni now faces in February.

Innocent, etc.

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Couldn't have happened to a nicer insurrectionist


up the food chain. The first sentence for a convicted insurrectionist that cooperated, handed down yesterday, was eight months. I'm guessing that's the easiest any of the small fry will get off.

Society must call these pathetic cultist nobodies to account, but none of that means much to me until and unless they get the leaders who catalyzed the failed attempt to overthrow American democracy with years of propaganda and planning for that moment.

In a better world, Mango Mussolini Manqué would be in irons, but he has oozed away from justice for odious criminal behavior his whole life, always by betraying former slobbering worshippers (like the rioters, and Michael Cohen, and soon Allen Weisselberg), so I'm not optimistic there.


Imagine spending 8 months in jail because a stupid orange sore loser convinced you to betray your own country. Trumpers are a new level of pathetic.


that became hardcore Trumpies of the sort that would follow his rallies the way some college friends of mine used to trail the Grateful Dead. Their stories are effing tragic: lonely old boomers looking for something, anything to fill the yawning void in their lives, and so diving headlong into the hate-filled, alternate-reality abyss of Shitlermania. They couldn't be more death-culty were they to chop off their balls and wear matching Nike Decades. A chilling read.


It just looked so neat,” she said. “We weren’t there to steal things. We weren’t there to do damage. We were just there to overthrow the government.

Treason! How fun!

Why is she not on trial?


together a video essay utterly debunking the don't-believe-your-lying-eyes narrative that the insurrection was basically a white-supremacist Woodstock, all free love and kumbayas and cop-hugging, imagine the trial videos that Federal prosecutors will produce.

If you're one of those hapless Shitler-taint-smooching rioters, my advice is to flip now while your testimony still has some currency. The loyal holdouts always get shanked hard in the end. You're goddamned Trumpies: do you know nothing of his long history of utterly abandoning and fucking over people that loved, trusted and supported him?

If you didn't do that homework, you deserve to rot in a dank hole like every other sucker that naively hoped the Saffron Moral Vacuum would save them. You still haven't figured out that he'd push Ivanka into a wood chipper if he thought it would save his piggy hide? You're clearly too dumb to live, poor lamb.


She will be, or she might just go to jail. . Those are the possible outcomes. As per the headline, the charges against her have just been upgraded, and she will face trial unless she is offered and accepts a plea. That...could get interesting. The first sentence handed down came out of a plea, and while it may seem a slap on the wrist (8 months, could have been longer), I assure you it will be hell for the never-before-incarcerated manbaby who got it. Every person who took part in that insurrection is a flaming idiot, but even idiots usually have some sense of self-preservation. Some were smart enough to do their "crying Nazi" bit right after the insurrection, when they realized just how much evidence there was against them. Others. like Hodgkins, had to get charged and then take some time for reality to sink in. Now there are a whole lot of others facing similar charges, the evidence against them is at least as solid, they can't afford to pay for lawyers, and now they get it.

I'd say Ianni will not get as good a deal as this guy, based on her statements and her role as an organizer. She's still small fry. Her organization, such as it is, is hateful and spiteful and troublesome, but they're not up there with the Base. But she might lead them to bigger fish.


Sorry, I wasn't clear. I was referring to the woman in the WaPo article who provided the chilling quote. Why has she not been arrested?

What WaPo article? Some woman whose name is not Suzanne Ianni yet who is germane to this case?

The one in MC's post that I initially replied to.


Thanks for clarifying.


dammit uhub

dammit uhub

dammit uhub


article about obsessive Trumpies following Trump rallies around the country that I cited a few posts above. It admittedly is a sidelight to the original post.

She'll need them in jail.

Unless she's truly turning "fuck around and find out" into a lifestyle. Or shall we say, deathstyle.