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Not to carp, but somebody's dumping koi into Jamaica Pond; they might want to knock that off

Four koi

Congregating koi in Jamaica Pond today.

A week ago, there was one koi swimming around at the north end of Jamaica Pond. Today there were at least five, and maybe six - two orange ones, a mostly white one and one or two sort of mud-colored ones.

They're cool to look at, but the problem is that, left unchecked, they can quickly out-compete the species that the state releases into the pond each year, causing problems not just for the fish but for the birds - and even turtles that eat fish.

Also, they eat the plants that help filter the water. Oh, and they can live for up to 50 years.

As the New York Times reported about carp infestations in the Midwest:

Where they invaded, lakes turned brown and muddy. Plants and ducks disappeared. They displaced other fishes and dominated. ...

When they forage for bugs and seeds on lake bottoms, they stir up sediment, uproot plants, change water chemistry, promote algal blooms and leave little food for waterfowl.

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I recently read or saw somewhere a place giving away/ selling mature gold fish (same?)

Lets see if I can find it.

Amur Carp..

Could not find it.

Seems suspect tho. I swear it was this week.

The red white and black one, as long as it's healthy is worth a lot of cash.looks like a Japanese sanke koi.maybe800-1000$ or more depending on health, size and pattern.i would "rescue" them but I'm on west coast.and I used to fish for carp.a 10 lb carp fights harder than most other freshwater fish of the same size.


The world would be better without ignorant assumptions and treatment about dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and other living things that people think are "cool to have" temporarily. People suck.


You are correct. Humans are the most destructive invasive species.


You might also contact the New England Aquarium's education department for fresh water fish resources. I don't know if educators are looking for koi, but they may have local sources for relocating them.


Sorry - the link to Sterling's Koi Rescue didn't take.

The page is chock full of rearing and health advice for koi keepers, as well. Who knew there was a need for this? I hope that the powers that be in JP can get these fish out of there and into rescue and rehab.


You don't enforce any rules that's what you end up with. I bet none of the fishing people have licenses or catch and release as they supposed to. We will get muddy dead lake here soon.


Are you ever not cranky about everyone and everything?


Rhetorical question. Do you drive Prius too?


Got point?


It's the law of unintented consequences. Park rangers not doing their job leading to koi, and electric cars killing children in mines.


I didn't spring for the Prime, but, remember, this post is about an invasive species in Jamaica Pond, not your 15-year-old outdated "facts" about hybrids.


It's the one with the Universal Hub sticker on the back bumper, of course.

Any other pointless questions you'd like to ask?


Aren't we spending the money people pay for fishing licenses to raise fish stocks which are then put into lakes and rivers so people can fish them out and eat them? It's not like Mass fish hatcheries are only raising native species for restoration purposes.

The difference is that the fish the state releases into Jamaica Pond don't degrade the pond, unlike koi.


catching and releasing in the pond when fishing for non-koi. I thought it was stocked by MFW like many lakes with sport fish, which I think are meant for eatin'

They used to have a release day where kids would help the governor toss fish into the water (his first time, Decal Patrick got slapped in the face by a trout). The smarter cormorants notice and begin diving for a feast.


Not Ponds though.


Jamaica pond was stocked this march with rainbow and brown trout.


What I don’t get is, just based on the photo (and I’m nowhere near an expert on koi) fish that size could probably sell for at least a few hundred dollars each, so why ditch them?

More than a couple hundred for healthy Japanese koi.good quality baby koi10-12"go for a couple hundred.at least on west coast.and they fight way better than trout.

Be removed, I’m assuming? I’m so annoyed at the people that dumped these in Jamaica Pond.


Does the eviction moratorium apply here?

Koi taste like refuse. Do you eat refuse?
Dump them in the sewer. They'll probably survive.

Can’t wait to see one in the brackish Neponset water!

To dump koi, Roy


That's a fact Jack.
People eat them; They taste bland like potatoes without gravy though.

But please don't leave them on the 39 bus, Gus

This was refreshing. TY!

Carp have been in Jamaica Pond forever.

I have seen huge carp in the fens and muddy river.

When I lived in Lower Mills in the early aughts, I used to see koi at the dam next to the Baker Chocolate Factory, behind Stop & Shop. Really beautiful koi, too.

Koi are carp bred for color. Unlike goldfish they can breed fertile offspring with wild (feral?) carp. It seems unusual that anyone would release a fish worth above $500 into the wild. There is an assumption that they would revert to "natural" color in a few generations but these color variations occurred spontaneously as well.

There's a pretty substantial (and amazing) herring run in the Muddy River these days. Sure what you saw wasn't herring?

Carp spawning behavior is distinct. And some of the white fish were 2-3 feet in length. And if you fished, you might know that the muddy river is famous for carp.

I'm looking forward to the annual alligator release.


I'm sure the heron lobby is saying "keep it up"!

Raccoons have been known to take them from ponds, too.

I got a good video of a raccoon fishing off a dock at the beginning of the winter, I’ll have to find it.

As soon as someone figures out you can get $750-$1000 for these, you’ll see people netting them. Then you’ll have the State fining you for fishing without a license.