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Oh for the love of, is that really a turkey, here, right in Downtown Crossing?

Dog can't believe there's a turkey in Downtown Crossing

You can tell that's what Sara Mak's dog was thinking this morning on a walk on Washington Street.

Andrew spotted the bird on Kingston Street:


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Notice how quiet the TLF have been lately? No more roaming rafters. They are gathering for... what: a pre-Thanksgiving assault?

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I think they are growing numbers so their soldiers can set the captives free before Thanksgiving. Wherher you're for or against them, racoons, coyotes, bobcats, bears, etc...you have to appreciate how these guys know how to adapt amongst us stupid humans.

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That compare Farm-raised, Wild, and Urban turkeys taste-wise? If you have a link please share. My bet is that farm raised roasted turkeys taste the best.

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which means they would taste better to some people (such as myself) and not to others.

Urban turkeys probably have elevated lead levels. Would not recommend eating.

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It isn't even Halloween yet.

What's next - Santa Claus?

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