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Ouch, that really smarts: Dead train by Museum of Fine Arts

The MBTA advises that a dead trolley is gumming up the works on the E line inbound at the MFA. The 39 bus, meanwhile, just keeps rollin' along.


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I looooove my car. :)

As we all know, cars never break down, and a car breaking down or misbehaving has never caused horrible slowdowns for other people using cars.


Checks parking rates...

You must be rich.


Never stuck in a traffic jam or have to detour around a roadwork site -- I can always walk it through.

(Also the part where it feels like flying.)


And add to that it the most money I ever spend on it is occasional tuneups when I don’t have the time or inclination to do them myself.

Plus the 39 bus has a rack on the front for those frequent times when drivers on Huntington put to mind a less pleasurable kind of flying and I then decide to travel inside something bigger and safer than what they are driving. Huntington just almost never draws me. Fortunately the Southwest Corridor path is not far off and usually a more direct route for me anyway.

"The T farts, dead train at Museum of Fine Arts"