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Sea grass and plastic bags: Channel 7 shows us Mother Nature's fury

Jonathan Hall with some sea grass

This afternoon, Jonathan Hall's hair wasn't enough to show us it was windy in Westport, so he picked up some sea grass and let it fly.

Of course, Channel 7 weather reporting just wouldn't be the same without Steve Cooper:


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Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite are rolling in their graves at this alleged attempt at journalisim.

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Murrow and Cronkite would never have been expected to fill the kind of time that TV is expected to now.

Don't blame the player.

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However, I'm sure Murrow and Cronkite are equally disgusted with the sheer amount of time TV spends covering news events without actually giving new information.

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I can indeed blame the player. If the game has changed to the degree (no pun intended) that this one has, they can chose a more reputable game to be in. Or, they can clearly label themselves as entertainers and drop the veneer of respectability. Otherwise, they are fair game.

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I'm sure they're rolling in their graves about other things, but I doubt they would have been upset over weather reporting.

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What's your drink of choice during tropical (or in this case untropical tropical) weather?

Blood orange soda with bully boy aged rum for me. Didn't have mojito fixings.

The mister is drinking a Gansett/Del's shandy since it "smells like Rhode Island".

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Yeah, and I bet your countless articles on Storrowing will you earn you a Pulitzer any day now.

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I'm saving space on my mantel for my Pulitzer for all my rhyming T headlines ...

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...any of our (likely) disposable input!

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