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Somerville's Curtatone to jump from mayor's office to clean-energy industry

Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone announced today:

After I finish my term, I'm going to become the new president of the Northeast Clean Energy Council and NECEC Institute.

Curtatone, first elected mayor in 2003, announced earlier this year he would not seek re-election in this fall's elections.

He's the second elected official this month to announce he's leaving elective office to head up an industry group. Last week, state Sen. Joe Boncore announced he was leaving his job to become CEO at MassBio.

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He's moving to the pseudo private sector. He certainly wouldn't give up a mayor's office for the dreaded version.

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Looks like there's a nasty, expensive astroturf battle involving NECEC in Maine's Question 1 this election season. I wonder if Joe is doing some moonlighting advising the Hydro Quebec team.


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