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Ten-story life-sciences building proposed for Brookline Avenue in the Fenway

Rendering of proposed 109 Brookline Ave.

Rendering by Gensler.

A California-based real-estate trust that focuses on life-sciences projects has filed plans to replace a vacant three-story building at 109 Brookline Ave. at Overland Street with a ten-story, 247,000-square foot building aimed at the burgeoning life-sciences business, with lots of lab space and room for offices for overseeing all that lab work.

The building would also have ground-floor retail space as well as four levels of underground parking with room for 230 cars, under plans by IQHQ of Solana Beach, CA, filed today with the BPDA. IQHQ bought the two-acre property for $270 million last April, according to Suffolk County Registry of Deeds records.

Recognizing the unique opportunity to further enhance the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood, and to address the continued demand for high-quality office/lab/R&D space, the Project will be designed to attract cutting-edge labs and research, modern offices, and innovative startups. As such, the Project will strengthen this already dynamic area as the life sciences gateway to Boston along with the neighboring anchors of the Longwood Medical Area and Boston University, all together creating a powerful economic engine for the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Because of the site's size, IQHQ will file for a "planned development area," which will essentially let it and the BPDA throw out most of the lot's current zoning and negotiate something that fits what the company wants to build.

IQHQ estimates it will pay $3.85 million in linkage fees for city housing and job-training funds and will create roughly 1,000 permanent jobs.

The company hopes to begin construction early next year, with the building shell completed by the end of 2024. It will then take another year to outfit the interior space to the specific requirements of tenants.

109 Brookline Ave. documents and calendar.

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That’s purty. Magoo.

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Didn't you just announce that you were leaving uhub?

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1) Sell the land to life sciences developers
2) Buy Regis??? and relocate to that campus
3) Profit

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They don't sell out. Why should these two schools do the same?

Besides, leasing land is what saved Emmanuel.

Who said Regis is for sale?

Why make women who want to go to school in Boston go to school in Weston?

With your logic, Emerson, Suffolk, and BU should leave the city too. Perhaps BU should buy the vacant AUC campus in Lancaster. Same thing, right? Becker is for sale too. Who doesn't want to go to school west of Worcester? Same thing, right?

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Is a joke.

Wheelock got consumed by BU, what, two years back?

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You got called out and tried to backtrack cupcake.

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Buddy, you're dumber than Doug Bennett, sorry sarcasm is beyond your ken.

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Here's how to order a blanket from Amazon so you can keep trying to cover for your idiotic statement with worse vitriol. I'll even pay for it. Let me know.


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When someone has to "explain" that "its a joke"?

You know it wasn't.

Jokes are funny.

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Life-sciences? Boston isn't much of a life-sciences town.

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The building across the street (108-114) looks like a much better candidate for demolition/replacement.

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